Friday, 14 January 2011


I haven't taken a picture in well over a week because I simply haven't felt like it. Today I still felt all storm-cloudy and Idon'twanna about lugging my camera around, but I forced myself to anyhow in the off chance something caught my eye.

Well, today I finally took note that 'Caitie, we're not experiencing a B.C. winter over here.' The only thing that caught my eye was one colour: green.

My world is green, and it's January.

Say wha?




And you know something else?


There's also a little pink in it too.


mom said...

Unbelievable how green it is there and the buds on the trees! Crazy!! It is just white here :-)

Meg said...

Beautiful pictures Cait. Was happy to see my favorite tree in the mix:)

Ais said...

lucky you! its been snowing here on and off and we have lots of it!

Melissa Sue said...

Ah! I was just about to make the same post :)
I'll take this over another chicago winter any day!
And your photos are always so great :D

T said...

Wow! That all looks beautiful! Is this normalish for January over there? Or is this very unexpected?

Caitie said...

Mom--Isn't it nuts that there's buds out!

Meg--I took that picture JUST for you. How are you liking the month of January on your calendar? Look familiar? hehe

Ais--The only solution to escaping your snow is to come back. ASAP. Just don't bring the snow with you ;-)

Melissa Sue--It's a great topic! Embrace the green on your blog, because *brr* I've seen 'While You Were Sleeping' and a Chicago winter looks FREEZING. Thanks for the compliment on my pictures :-)

T--According to my resident Swiss, it is normal for Bern to not really have snow (lots in the mountains, hardly any in the valley), and to see the green. However, it's not really that normal for there to be buds on the trees yet.

Habebi said...

That's pretty!! I guess some of that snow you all had really fueled some growing. Is it going to get really cold and kill off the buds? Our temps here are anywhere from below freezing to near 50 degrees Farienheit, so I'm used to seeing a bit of green here and there. That said, I think the Swiss green is much lovlier.