Friday, 7 January 2011

Brightened Days

So I know that the days are technically supposed to be getting longer now, but for some they might still just not seem so bright. So if any of you out there know of someone who is feeling a little down, a little blue, a little anxious about the fact they went overboard with their 'it's the holidays, I can eat as much as I want!' mentality, well I have discovered an absolute bullet-proof method of cheering that person up.

Want to hear it?


Send them something awesome in the mail! Because that's what happened to me, and I'm so cheery now I am firing rainbows out of my fingertips!

I have recently received two awesome packages in the mail, and both arrived in the knick of time to save me from spending the rest of my January slitting my literary wrists by reading Sylvia Plath poetry.

The first parcel to arrive was from dear Sarah, who you will remember from this post and (more important to today's entry) this post. If you haven't read the latter post, I suggest you do so in order to give you some background on the awesome treat she sent me, and if you just want to put a (pretty) face to the name 'Sarah' go ahead and read the former post too.

So now that you are all caught up, the spectacular treat she sent me was THE HAIR GARDEN. Yes! Major Yes! Triple axel with a toe loop Yes! You see, when I left Toronto I sadly forgot the hair garden bobbi-pins that I had worked so hard to essentially get Sarah to make for me. I was really upset about this when I got to Switzerland and ripped through my luggage to show Dan the wonder that is The Hair Garden, but they were not to be found.

Sarah came to the rescue though and she sent me The Hair Garden in the most awesome packaging possible.

Aren't you tingling with excitement?

What could it BE?

Why it's....why it's....


And it looks amazing!

You see, it really is a garden of flowers...meant for your hair.

Complete with grass!

And look how clever Sarah is, at how she fastened them to the card.

And with the pretty stamps in the background.

Thanks Sarah, I love this!

I think you can all tell quite easily how talented Sarah is, just by looking at the above photos. Sarah is possibly the most artistic person I have ever met, and the above card probably only took her something like eleven minutes to make. Not because it looks like it took eleven minutes to make (quite the contrary) but just because that's how her brain works: she visualizes something and she can make it a physical reality in no time flat and the results are always more than impressive.  I have seen first hand that her creativity extends to painting, sewing, drawing, greeting cards, designing wedding invitations (she did ours!), and so much more! an Etsy shop! Do it. Otherwise I will continue to send you emails wherein I mispell the header line as I try to harrass you into opening that darn shop and give the world a peep at how talented you are.

And speaking of Etsy, I was lucky enough for my second piece of mail to come from a blogger who also has just opened an Etsy shop to sell the cool bookmarks that she makes.

Jess over at In Search of Dessert held a photo caption contest on her blog a few weeks ago, and the winner was to receive a set of her hand crafted bookmarks. Of course I entered, but I was actually lucky enough to win!

Jess sent me an email asking a few questions about favourite colours, what I like, etc..., and then she customized these bookmarks just for me. Here's what the bookmarks look like, and here's the the link to her Etsy shop, should you be so inclined to buy a set of these for the reader in your life.

But sorry, you won't get the rad ones shown below because these are all mine!

Get ready for something awesome....


The front and back of my favourite bookmark.
It is so kick-ass!

Two more of the four bookmarks I received.


Thank-you so much for these Jess! I can assure you they are too nice to be marking the place in some sad poetry book of inked tears and melancholy.

In fact, the book that the Hope bookmark was used in is too a good a book to keep to myself so keep your peepers peeled next week for a good read recommendation.

Have a great weekend, Internet!


mom said...

Love your hair garden Cait and the book marks are really cool. It is neat that you won the contest...good for you :-)

Ais said...

Love the hair pins! I want some too.....pass that on to Sarah, haha