Friday, 10 December 2010

This Post Brought To You By The Letter 'D' for 'Doh!'

Today I am having a 'frustrated' day, and I will share with you why.

(Careful, there's bullet points involved)
  • My socks never pair up when I'm finished laundry. Dan's always do. WTF laundry room?!
  • I can't find our sewing kit.
  • Dan's special extra-long made for those who are extra-tall feather duvet has a hole in it. I am constantly walking through the apartment and randomly screaming because I think a large freaky spider is scampering by when it's really just an escaped feather.
  • I can never find my glasses which means I'm never wearing them, so I always think that feathers are spiders.
  • Because I can't find the sewing kit, because I'm not motivated enough to replace it and because I'm tired of these renegade feathers blowing around, in a fit of rage I STAPLED together the hole in the duvet. We will now be sleeping under a blanket that has been patched up with staples. I'm ready to accept my Domestic Goddess award.
  • I always set out for my daily walk or hike and realize my iPod isn't charged. "I'll charge it when I get home," I always think except I never do!
  • I currently have no clue where my cell phone is and I can't call it because I always forget to charge that too.
  • 1/3rd of our Christmas tree lights have burned out.
  • I have to do the dishes.
  • Cosmo has figured out how to open cupboards and can quite often be found digging through our kitchen trash like a hobo.
  • I refuse to child proof that kitchen cupboard for a CAT, so a million times a day I can be heard yelling, "Bad cat! Stop eating that Styrofoam/banana peel/apple core/mouldy old salsa."
  • I spent twenty minutes crafting a grocery and to-do-in-Bern list, and then sat down on the bus and realized I forgot it at home.
  • I have a terrible, terrible, absolutely horrendous, memory.
  • I had to try and do the grocery shop based from memory. HAHAHAHA.
  • I quit half way through and thought 'f*ck it' and decided to come home.
  • Upon reaching the cash lane with my few 'purchased from memory' items, I realized I forgot the grocery bags and had to buy more Migros paper bags.
  • We have a serious grocery bag problem. Pretty soon we're going to have to start declaring them all as dependants. Don't believe me, look for yourself.

These are my five reusable grocery bags.
These are superb, if you remember to take them to the store with you.
Or  if you remember to put them back in your purse when you're done using them.
Also, Cosmo seems oddly protective of them.

Here are thirteen of the reusable paper bags I've had to buy from Migros every time I forget my bag.
These thirteen, well they don't count the ones we've repurposed to hold our recycling.
Or the two I had to buy today to hold the groceries I still haven't unpacked.
Also, Cosmo isn't so much protective of these ones as he is intrigued.
Perhaps he is hoping they will end up in the trash so he can collect them later.
So that is my pathetic list of grievances; however, they are mine and I will cling to them with righteous indignation over my perceived woes.
What frustrated you today?
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to try and fix my homemade Chinese food supper using only a handful of remembered ingredients, and compose a list for the busy day we have tomorrow.
Point one on tomorrow's list will read: REMEMBER THE LIST.


mom said...

I hate to tell you this Cait, but it only gets worse with age so you might want to try to sharpen up the old memory and the sewing skills (although that might be a complete write-off) :-))

love mom

Ais said...

Oh man! I have to live with Cosmo for two and a half weeks???? Haha, he better cut back on his hobo ways while Im there :)

T said...

I try to put my bags on the door knob when I'm done emptying sometimes helps!

Caitie said...

Mom--I'm scared for my future...

Ais--not only do you have to live with Cosmo, I'll probably make him sleep with you too. Don't forget he'll have garbage breath...muhahaha'd be surprised how often I can turn the handle and forget to grab them. I am a sad, sad, case.