Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

Well, to be accurate I guess the title should say 'Let's Talk Chicken' because though I did have the option of buying a tiny little turkey for over CHF 50.00 for Christmas supper, we had roast chicken instead and it was tasty.

We stuck quite closely with our Christmas traditions and we had fun. Christmas Eve was kicked off with the realization that my sisters weren't getting a Christmas miracle and their luggage wasn't going to arrive (still hasn't) so we had to rush into Bern so they could buy some nice duds that they could wear to the evening children's choir performance at the Münster.

We all got fancied up, and I do think we polish up like diamonds.

DSC_0955 (2)


I don't have any pictures of the choir performance, but it was nice. All the lights in the church were turned off--it was so dark--and a few spotlights were turned on so the mood was set. The kids sang songs we didn't understand, there was a Christmas story we also didn't understand but which Dan translated for us later that night, and then at the end of the performance every one in the church had a candle that was lit, and we all sang a carol as we exited the church. It was really cool.

Walking out into the cold night, our breath frosted the air and we walked back to the bus under the light of hundreds of Bern's Christmas twinkle lights that were strung overhead. The soft light cast golden shadows over old stone buildings, and we tucked our jackets under our chins to keep dry against the falling snowing. I'm sorry to paint such an angelic picture for you, but it was what it was: magic.

After we got home we quickly got changed into our pajamas and the night festivities kicked off as we began making all the appetizers for our Christmas Eve feast. We had two flavours of chicken wings, hot spinach and artichoke dip, bacon wrapped lychees marinated in soy sauce, salami crisps with sour cream and basil, and curried meatballs with an ultra exquisite dipping saucing: Heinz ketchup. It took awhile to prepare all the food, and we finally ate around 9:00 pm, but oh it was worth it.

We forgot to get a picture of all the appy's *before* we ate them.
So here's a picture of our gingersnaps, that we spiced up this year with candy.
(Don't you love the traditional Christmas shrimp?)
Plus the appy fall out.

After eating, we didn't play our traditional Christmas Eve charades but instead played a Swiss board game that translates to: Hey Man, Don't Freak Out (or something like that) and in true Canadian fashion, we managed to turn it into a drinking game.

Here I am, putting on Cosmo's elf hat right before I had to get up and do a little jig.
Don't you wish you were there?

Here is a small selection of my favourite quotes that resulted from all this debauchery:

Anne Hathaway doesn't look like a girl worth fighting for.

Who's responsible for making the Pope's hat and robes?

I don't know, probably a virgin.

While remembering the choir performance, and recalling the low mournful sound the children made that was supposed to imitate a lonely desert wind but actually sounded like a wild afternoon in the jungle:

Well, here come the Christmas apes.

People are dicks, WELCOME TO EARTH.

While watching 'The Holiday':

Hey guys, don't you totally just want to jump Jack Black's bones!

I'm one of those assholes that thinks farting noises are funny.

Who knows if you will also find these quotes chuckle worthy, but I assure you at one point I had to spit my drink back into my glass because I was laughing so hard I couldn't swallow and I risked spewing coke and vodka all over the game board.
Some Christmas light, and look who begrudgingly allowed me to briefly dress her like an elf.

We rolled into bed really late on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we didn't get up until 11:00.

We slept almost as soundly as Cosmo.

When we were all awake we had a long leisurely breakfast of mimosas, grapefruit, smoked salmon and cream cheese, zupf, and poached eggs. 'Twas delicious. We spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies and musicals (I've never seen Singing in the Rain before, talk about missing out!) and of course opening our presents. I got Ais a really cool cheese grater (hey, cheese graters can be cool) and we discovered that on the packaging it said 'grater-rape' so we spent a lot of the afternoon pondering what that was supposed to mean.

Oh you crazy translators.

We phoned our grandparents and Skyped with Mom and Dad and we watched them open their presents, and I learned that all my Christmas cards and presents that I mailed out at the beginning of December have not reached their recipients. Do I blame this on the European weather 'issues' or do I blame this on Canada Post? Please advise.

We ate our Christmas dinner and then watched Love Actually. All and all, it was a really great and leisurely two days where all we did was eat, laugh, drink, eat, watch movies, laugh, drink, eat, watch movies. So on Boxing Day we decided to mix things up a bit and we headed into the mountains for a day of sledding. Details to follow on that, but one quote I will leave you with is that after Aislinn's sled made it to the bottom of the hill without her, her only explanation was:

I was grater-raped by the Christmas ape!

Maybe you had to be there....


M'dame Jo said...

"Râpe" is "grater" in French and Pylones is a French brand. It's more an unfortunate mix of English and French...

T said...

Awe, glad to hear you had so much fun!

Habebi said...

LoL grater rape... love it!

Sounds like you had a magical, fun, crazy good Christmas. I would've paid serious money to see you dance a jig btw. Love the pictures of course, I could feel your Christmas so to speak.

Jodi said...

Haha! Love the quotes, they had me laughing out loud, and what the hell is with the sledding!? That shit looked crazy fun! I can just imagine someone trying to pull off something like that here and it being deemed too dangerous...yay Europe!