Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I Believe We're What The Kids Call 'Hip'

So try not to be jealous, but while I was in Toronto Sarah and I had one of the wildest nights ever! If there is a party hall of fame ledger, our Saturday night was recorded on the front page. Or it made it onto the top ten list, at least.

Don't worry, the recipe for a killer Saturday night will follow, but first the tale of this wild night all begins in Anthropologie (as if I'm done talking about the Toronto shopping!) when I was perusing their selection of hair ornaments. My hair is quite long, and whenever I go to the hair dresser (twice a can read about my phobia here) I always say with a nervous jitter in my voice, oh just take a couple of inches off it please so it looks healthy again. And then when I leave the salon, my hair perfectly coiffed and styled, I'm frigging tossing my head like Giselle and shaking my tresses so they catch the sunlight and I feel like I have made the right decision in keeping it long.

Then eventually there comes a point when I have to wash it and that's when I curse my decision to keep it long because I feel like I have Duggar hair.

Except I don't have this mullet bang fringe.

Because I am completely inept at styling my hair, I therefore enjoy browsing for different accessories that might camouflage the mouse nest going on on top of my head.

Which brings us back to Anthropolgie.

There were these bobbi pins that had these really cool fabric flowers sewn onto them, with a little seed pearl sewn into the middle of the flower. The fabrics were really vibrant patterns, which kept the bobbi pins looking adult contemporary and not toddler terrific.

I loved them! And a pack of three cost $18.00, which I considered reasonable. Sarah did not. She grabbed those pins from my hand and tossed them back into the basket and told me they were a major rip-off and we could make those ourselves. Since I'm about as crafty as a zygote, I wasn't convinced but I didn't want to say anything to Sarah because I know she is crafty, and I really wanted those bobbi pins.

So cut to Saturday night and we're trying to figure out what to do, when I casually mentioned: "You know, we could give those bobbi pins a try..."

Luck was on my side when Sarah enthusiastically agreed.

Fist pump! Let's get on with wildest CRAFTING night eva! Holla!

I rushed to change into my pj's, because honestly who sits at home on a Saturday night not wearing their jammies?

Things got out of control when Sarah busted out a bin of fabric scraps, her jewellery making kit, and...wait for it...wait for it...her....sewing machine!

Raise the roof mofos, we're here to mess you up!

Sarah toyed with her first bobbi pin template, and soon had mastered the flower bobbi pin. And me? Weeeell.... remember when I said I'm about as crafty as a zygote? I wasn't being fair: I think that little cluster of cells is probably craftier than me.

Can you guess which one is mine?

After awhile, I sort of got annoyed with how much needle and threading was required to put this bobbi pin together, so I decided to pull from my holster the hot glue gun and show this bobbi pin there was a new sheriff in town.

Yeah, the sheriff is dead.

After burning my fingers on the molten glue, failing miserably at searing together the fabric ends and burning the bead onto the palm of my hand, I brought my masterpiece to show Sarah.

You couldn't even get it in your hair! The only way to put this in your hair was to stick it in vertically, which means you looked like you had this bizarre flower shaped antennae above your right ear.

It was at this point that I collapsed into crazy laughter and became quite useless while Sarah continued to craft these bobbi pins.

At one point, as she busily sewed away, I, in a really creepy OMG get this house guest out of my house! manner, snuck up behind Sarah and channelled my inner Oliver Twist and said in a hissing voice that I imagine Fagin speaks in, "Excuse me miss but would you like to see....MY HAIR GARDEN?!" And then I flourished from behind my back my deformed flower bobbi pin.

That's it. Game over. Wave the white flag. For the rest of the night I would randomly hiss 'Excuse me miss but would you like to see...MY HAIR GARDEN?" and then both of us would laugh until we cried.

Possibly the worst marketing name one could ever have for innocent flower bobbi pins.

These were the finished products, and they look exactly like the ones in Anthropologie. Sarah made all of these, though she might try to tell you that I did the gray one. But it would be a lie. Basically for every step, Sarah did about 95% of the work and then would hand me the 5% I couldn't f-ck up. Then when I finished that, I gave her back the pin for the next step and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Man, it was a fun night. And I know you're all jealous so listen up Internet, the recipe for a raging Saturday night is this:

(1) A sewing machine;
(2) Fabric scraps;
(3) Bobbi pins;
(4) Hot glue;
(5) An awesome friend;
(6) Wine;
(7) Uncontrolled laughter; and....

I promise you'll never need to get out of your jammies again.


mom said...

OMG. I had tears of laughter when I read this. Do you remember the frog that you made in Grade 8? You had to hand sew the edges and then when you picked it up all of the stuffing, I think it was popcorn, came out? I still have that piece of artwork. No Cait, you were never talented with a needle and thread :-)) but with words, well that is another thing altogether.

love mom

Habebi said...

LoL that's hilarious! I wish I had a friend Sarah who can whip those hair garden pins out!!

T said...

hahaha,Oh man Caitie I laughed through this entire post. Those pins are great! I'm the same way with crafty "pay attention to the detail" type stuff. My fingers just don't cooperate.

Nice bobbi pins by the way!

Sarah said...

For the record, Caitie DID make the grey one :) and it was fun. But I love to craft. And I love wine. And I'm growing to love....the hair garden.

Stay tuned, I am sending these your way soon!!