Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dis and Dat

So since my last post I'd like to report that we have conquered Switzerland as was the original plan, but the reality is that we haven't. At this point in my sisters' Great Swiss Adventure, we were to have gone sledding down an 8km sledding track, we were to have gone as far into the mountains as our boot clad feet would carry us, and we were to have eaten Mom's homemade The Best In The World Nanaimo Bars until we felt absolutely sick and green around the gills.

Unfortunately we have been unable to do any of the above because my sisters' luggage has still not made it to Zurich Airport which means their winter gear is not here, and necessary not-to-be-found-in-Switzerland baking ingredients to make fabled Nanaimo Bars are not here. This also of course means my sisters do not have any of their clothes or toiletries; therefore, Frankfurt Airport we're hoping that this year Santa delivers a big ol' lump of coal into your stocking as well as a manual for learning how to deal with winter weather.

Tip One: In December IT SNOWS and also IT CAN BE COLD because IT'S F*CKING WINTER.

Now I've been paying attention to this weather pressure system that's creeping its way across Europe, and with the exception of that ice storm a few weeks ago I see nothing unusual that we don't get in Canada every year. This same weather might delay our flights, but certainly doesn't cause wide scale flight cancellations and mass chaos for weeks. Yes some might argue this type of weather is unusual for these parts of Europe but I would say to them: I don't care. We're still in the Northern Hemisphere and snow happens so if you are assaulting people's pocketbooks so they can fly at Christmas you better be GD prepared to FLY THEM AT CHRISTMAS--suitcases and all.


That was very cathartic.

Of course we understand how lucky it is that they didn't have to transfer at Heathrow, and that they actually did make one of only five of the scheduled thirty six flights that flew into Zurich from Frankfurt from Friday to Tuesday, but come on people: no one will begrudge them of their irritation that they have to hand wash their delicates at night and have had to shell out money to buy a few practical clothing items when everyone knows that on holiday you want to buy the least practical options available.

But despite the fact the mountains remain off limits at the moment, we have been having long leisurely days wherein the urban landscape is our playground. I have gotten my Christmas shopping almost finished and I have shown my sisters the splendour of Bern and the Munster, and yesterday we ventured to Montreaux to check out their famous Christmas market that winds around Lake Geneva.

Now the Christmas market phenomenon is widely reported on all Swiss expat blogs, so there's nothing new or original I have to offer but for those of you not in the know, the markets are collections of little artisan stands where people are selling their homemade, eye-catching, sometimes unusual wares. I haven't gotten a lot of pictures of these Christmas markets because to be honest they are crowded and I am usually too busy eating something delicious to wrangle with my camera.

('s the truth: I have only been going to these markets to eat.)

But the few pictures I did take of yesterday's excursion, well here they are for your viewing pleasure.


The ferris wheel was really fun, the food was great, but the company was even better.

Now we're off to watch The Notebook, make gingersnaps, and hope for a Christmas miracle that their suitcases make it here before Friday.


mom said...

Love your pictures. So glad you and the girls are having a good time sans luggage. Miss all of you and dad and I hope the luggage arrives before Christmas as well.

love mom

Dad said...

I have fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed in hopes that Meg and Ais' luggage arrives tomorrow. I'll get Tia to do the same. Have a terrific time! Papa

Habebi said...

You know, despite how inconvient the lack of luggage is, bless your hearts, you all still look like you're enjoying so much! The pictures of Switzerland during Christmas is making me happy. Love the pictures and love that you're having a great time with your sisters! I hope, hope, HOPE they get their luggage asap!

T said...

Beautiful pictures as always Caitie! Hope the luggage shows up soon!!!

Ais said...

Still no luggage :( Thats okay though, Im currently beached on your couch full of our appetizer dinner, wathing Home Alone!