Wednesday, 17 November 2010

White Wedding

I haven't been to a lot of weddings; in fact, I can count on one hand the number of weddings I've attended--and that includes my own. Therefore, when there is a wedding on the horizon I get very excited about it. I love to see the bride in her gown, I like to see how nervous the groom looks, and I especially love to partake in the open bar.

This was the third wedding that saw my family packing up the car and making the ten hour drive to southern Alberta. The last wedding we attended, well...let's just say my sisters and I weren't exactly on our best behaviour. In fact, we were probably the people that the bride's family whispered about and wondered what diseased branch of the family tree we fell from, and good grief here's hoping our lack of decorum isn't genetic. We don't remember a lot about that wedding, just the fact that it was our sweet grandfather who pushed us down the road to inebriation by mixing us doubles in the middle of the afternoon, before the ceremony even started.

Poor Dan, he had to deal with all of us that night: there was Meg lying in a heap on the hotel bathroom floor incensed that all she wanted was gelato from Italy and we couldn't provide; Aislinn who passed out in the back of the car around 10:00 pm--her head sticking out one door, her feet out the other; and then me, the individual who NEEDED Tim Horton's and was postive there was one 'just down the road', but a forty minute car ride later....yeah.

So I am so pleased to announce that we all redeemed ourselves beautifully this time around.

It was my cousin Bobbi who got married, and she and I have been buds since we were babes. I was really excited that she asked me to be her maid of honour, and it goes without saying she was a beautiful bride. Bobbi and Ryan were married in a church in Lethbridge, and I thought their vows were beautiful and really poignant; I did feel a bit misty to see my cousin--the girl who I rode horses with, who told me ghost stories, who is often my confidant--get up before her close family and friends and join hands with the person she loves and declare kinship, faithfulness, and friendship.

I haven't tracked down a lot of photos, but here's a few.

Bride and groom.
Groom is in the RCMP, in case you can't tell.

Me and my sisters, plus me and my mom.

The whole fam-damily.

As you can see, I don't have pictures of the entire wedding party.

After the ceremony was photos and we basically froze to death, but the stretch SUV complete with champagne helped to ease the chill. Then came dinner and the dancing portion of the evening, which was by far the best part of the whole day: we had a blast, and rolled into our rooms about 1 a.m.

Overall, it was a smooth ride and there was only one brief moment of panic during the entire day, and that was when we were thisclose to walking down the aisle, only to realize we'd forgotten the rings at the hotel. But my uncle sprang into action, he committed every traffic violation you can think of, and he had those rings picked up and delivered in six minutes flat. Say what you will about Albertans and their big trucks, but they can corner a Dodge Ram like nobody's business.

Cheers to your future Bobbi and Ryan, and since right about now you're on your tropical getaway I hope you're lounging on your beach chairs and getting a tan.


Ais said...

Nice one! Now whose camera did those pictures come from?........haha

Meg said...

Ahh. Great post Cait. What a great weekend it was. The car ride down was pretty awesome too! We gossiped, chatted about political issues, life, and had a dance party complete with strobe light thanks to ryan! :)

mom said...

Great post Cait. It was so much fun! Now, just "3" to go...ha ha ha