Sunday, 21 November 2010

Where in the World...?

Am I right now?

I'm currently in Toronto!

I've been here since Friday, visiting my friend Sarah who just moved back here.

Yesterday I went up the CN Tower, and guess what?! I didn't know this, but when I'm 351 meters in the air, and standing on a glass bottomed floor, I'm really afraid of heights and feel a little pukey.

Who knew?

Off for more adventures today, and tomorrow I am winging my way back to Switzerland and to Dan and the cats.

Talk later, Lovelies.


Habebi said...

Toronto!! The one [big] city in Canada I can claim I've been to. I remember loving it. I hope you're having loads of fun!!

Oh and I would be in the same condition as you. I cannot stand the feeling that I might fall when I'm high up!

Safe journey to Switzerland!

M'dame Jo said...

I wanted to ask you if you'd be around for the onion market in Bern tomorrow. I guess you won't be there yet. I'll go visit for you then :)

Have a safe flight back.

Anonymous said...

oh! if only i knew! i would have come in to see you! i live 90 minutes away in waterloo.

alas. i'll have to visit in switzy!


mom said...

Have a safe trip home Cait. Talk to you tonight. You left at just the right time. It is -18 with the wind today and it is supposed to be -29 tomorrow...just love winter :-))

Love mom