Thursday, 18 November 2010

Road Trippin'

I can't believe I forgot to detail the road trip there and back! It took Meg's comment on the last post to remind me.

So anyone else out there enjoy a good road trip? Long hours in the car with a full iPod and three great people makes for a really fun time. Meg, Ais, myself, and Meg's boyfriend Ryan all drove out together in Ryan's car.

For a chunk of the car ride I was trying to think up wedding games to play at the reception, except the moving car and the act of writing combined to leave me feeling really car sick. So sympathetic Ryan, after learning I was feeling queasy, took it upon himself to swerve all over the road and try and make me feel worse. Thanks Ryan! Lucky that didn't last very long.

Also, if there were any people who reported seeing weird flashing lights around 9:00 pm on November 11th on the number 2 highway going into Lethbridge, please don't fear--you weren't seeing a UFO. Rather you were witnessing a seat dance party happening inside a tiny Jetta, where the driver was quickly flashing on and off the interior car lights. It was a strobe effect. It was fun. Except for the part where I contemplated it might be unsafe.

Coming home, Ais and I travelled back with Mom and Dad and we saw one black bear, an elk, mountain sheep, and a lot of deer.

We also hit the first snow storm of the year as we were going through Roger's Pass.

Possibly the worst section of road on the entire drive, and definitely not a place you ever want to hit snowstorms.

As you can tell, we made it home safely.

Here's some pictures I took out of the car window.

These were taken when we were stopped because a semi was rolled into a ditch, blocking traffic.
Ais is wondering when we'll get moving; Ryan has his iPhone and doesn't care;
Meg is using this break to model her hat; I am looking apprehensive about having my picture taken.




Meg said...

Ahhh. Great scenery, great company, and a ton of fun. What more could you ask for in a road trip.
On a side note, have a great trip home Cait. You will be greatly missed in this part of the world. Am so happy about coming to visit you for Christmas though! Love you lots.

Ais said...

Ah yes, the drive down! So much fun....except for the panic of sitting in line at a traffic accident with a full bladder. I love road trips!

mom said...

Love the pictures Cait. They turned out great considering we were doing 118 km's/hour (except for the snow story). Side note, so glad you were home and looking forward to seeing you in April. Miss you already :-((

Love mom

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