Monday, 1 November 2010

Party On

So my sister Meg and her boyfriend Ryan let me tag along to a Halloween party that Ryan's friend was hosting.

My other sister Ais was going to a different party, but we all got ready together. Here's our costumes.

Courtesy of Ryan's iPhone.
Meg's on the left, I'm in the middle, and Ais is on the right.
Here we are, all in character.

I'm a punk rocker, complete with blue star over my eye.
Ais is a witch, and her orange and black stockings were awesome.
And Meg is....

Garth! from Wayne's World. Her costume was spot on, even with the nerdy 80's watch.
Ryan went as Wayne, obviously.
Don't they look so awesome?!

The classic 'schwing!' move.

I volunteered to be the designated driver, and even though I was sober as a stone amidst a sea of drunks, I had SO MUCH FUN. The costumes rocked, the people were super fun, there was an impromptu live music show in the basement that included drums, a guitar, a tribal drum, and made-up songs with a side of Oasis thrown in. There was beer pong, some other drinking game I didn't understand, and at the end of the night my other sister Ais showed up and then a full on dance party ensued.

Oh yeah.

In case you weren't aware...I LOVE dancing.

By 4 a.m. Ais and I were ready to go, and Meg was semi-asleep on the couch, so we got ready to go. As we were leaving, Ryan said he was just going to stay so Meg enthusiastically highfived him and said, "ME TOO!"

So Ais and I left.

Just as we are almost home (as in I was mere minutes away from the front door), Ais hears her phone ring and it's Meg:


"Where are you? Come back and get me! I've been calling you. I don't want to be here anymore."

So we turned around and headed back to get Meg, while Ais listened to the previous (slightly slurred) voice messages that Meg left for her:

Msg 1 (super upbeat): "Hey Ais! It's me, I've decided I want to leave too. Get Cait to come back and get me! See you girls soon!"

Msg 2 (angry): "AIS. Come get me!"

Msg 3 (desperation): "Why did you leeeaaavvveee me? Come get meeeee. Giiirrrrllllssss, come get meeee."

Oh Meg, a party wouldn't be a party without you.

Party on Meg.

Party on Ais.

Party on Ryan.

You guys rock, but you were already aware of that.


Ais said...

Ahahaha! That was such a fun night! And everyones costumes were awesome! Dance parties in living rooms are the best :)

Meg (aka Garth) said...

oh what a night! Had a little too much fun though and definitely paid the price today...
highlight of the night was playing the tribal drum while getting down to 'thriller' on the dance floor!!!

Cait, you are so awesome!! Partied with us until 4am while sipping straight cranberry juice the whole time!

T said...

Sounds like a fun night! Your costumes were awesome girls!

Habebi said...

Fantastic costumes!! Your sister Meg- holy crap how did she do that?! I will have to share my Halloween experience, so much duller in comparison to yours which makes it just as fun, but, in a good way! lol Glad you had tons of fun!!

jessca said...

i have been trying to get jon to watch that movie for the loooongest time. he says he won't find it funny because it's american toilet humor. so wrong. so wrong.