Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Be It Ever So Humble...

I am back in Switzerland and I'm delirious with jet lag.

The room is spinning people, IT'S SPINNING.

I landed yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m., and I made it back to the apartment about 9:30. But of course I just wouldn't be me if it did not take extreme physical effort on my part just to make it back to the apartment. At some point, between Toronto and Zurich, my suitcase lost a wheel. Then when I hit the Bern train station, the remaining wheel was all, "Oh hell NO. I did not sign on to be the only wheel responsible for this huge ass suitcase. I QUIT."

As a result, I had to drag my suitcase home.

To the orderly Swiss, I think I appeared to be something of a bag lady: greasy hair, dark circles under my eyes, dragging a busted up suitcase, and walking with a slight limp (side note: your cutest pair of boots do not make the most comfortable pair of travelling shoes, just FYI).

Next time I vow to pack lighter. To not get so carried away with buying used books that it requires two pieces of carry-on and maxing out my suitcase's weight restrictions (50lbs exactly!) just to get them all home.

I also vow to always wear appropriate travelling shoes and to keep my cellphone charged so that Dan will know when to meet me at the train station so he can deal with maneuvering my vacation impulse buys through the crowds.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. Jet lag. The spinning room. Green fairies. Purple fairies. No sleep. Puking cats.

This morning I was up too early, so I killed a couple of hours then called my family. After I hung up, I got the best 'welcome home' gift of all: I put my foot in my slipper and discovered it's full of crusty old cat puke.

Welcome home, Mother. This is what you get for being gone for so long. Now please clean up my water bowl, because I've decided to puke in there too, just for fun. HAHAHA, I'm the cutest evil genius in the world!

Here's a picture to remind me of gentler times. Well rested times. Times when I didn't have to deal with crusty slippers and chunky water bowls.

Toronto re-cap to come!

Just as soon as this room stops spinning...


Habebi said...

Ohhhh I have been there, sans the lost wheel. But, I was in the main train station in Tokyo hauling 90 lbs. of luggage around looking half dead. It's not a fun feeling being that person in an orderly, neat freak society it really isn't.

Hope the cat puke and jet lag go away soon! Get some rest!

T said...

Happy to see you made it to your other home safe!

mom said...

Geez, and you left some books behind....ah well, you can take those with you when you are home in April :-)

love mom

Ais said...

Ahahahaha! Only you would lose a wheel on your suitcase! And have old cat puke in your slipper. Haha, glad you made it home safe Cait. I will see you in a few weeks :)

Anonymous said...

ha! cat puke. aren't they thoughtful? I'm glad you made it home safe!


Sarah said...

Ha. Cat puke. Poor you! Glad you are home safe!

Sarah said...

Ack... I thought I was editing my "Anonymous" comment and changing it to say my name, but it just created another post! I guess you aren't the only un-internet-savvy person!!