Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh Yes I Am

And you thought I was done talking about cows.


No way.

I just finished reading a book about a woman's escape from polygamy, and I am now obsessed with the subject of polygamy. I never gave the topic much thought until I read Carolyn Jessop's memoir, but after reading about her experiences, her difficulty in escaping, and how she played a role in bringing public scrutiny to the many abuses of polygamy, it's been on my mind. After reading her story, polygamy appears to be nothing more than a cult where men try and hoard women, and the women are trapped in loveless relationships where they keep pumping out children to prove their worth, being kept isolated from the modern world, while at the same time sporting really unfortunate dresses and hair styles.

Read Escape, it's so interesting.

Now today, as I was out meandering around country lanes, I came to realize that the heifers that are part of the BC beef industry are in polygamous relationships!


Here I have stumbled upon the colony.
The sister wives are all looking at me, the outsider.

Look at this bull, with his heifers (and one child) surrounding him.

I count four wives (and a couple of kids) just surrounding him, with even more down field!

And look at this poor sister wife just staring me down.
I bet her name is Beulah.

And this other poor darling, protecting her baby.

Beulah didn't trust me, and she's gathered this year's off spring and is taking them back to Bull.
Beulah, how many calves have you had.
And Bull, how many children do you have?
Probably hundreds!

But this curious lady, she wasn't going anywhere.
Where did I come from? And why was I wearing such funny clothes?
I'm sure that's what she was thinking.

She just didn't want to stop staring.
Maybe I was her inspiration to escape!

Can you believe how scandalous this is?!

Do you think the Swiss cows are living in polygamous relationships too?


Habebi said...

Ha ha ha!! Polygamous cows- LOVE it! I have a bit of a fixation with that subject (humans though mind you!) from time to time. Such a bizarre and fascinating sub-culture.

Caitie said...

Habebi--If the topic interests you, you should totally check out that book. It was fascinating, and also very disturbing.

Dad said...

Cait - In the animal world, I think only geese, eagles and possibly a couple of other species have monogomous relationships. That's probably because it gets a little expensive buying bling for all of ones' mates! So give the poor cows a little slack :-)

Caitie said...

Dad, look at your tossing around the word 'bling'. Next thing I know you'll have Jay-Z blasting through the speakers of the Nova. Parents these days.... ;-)

Ais said...

Haha, Dad, I was going to leave the same comment! But its true, humans are freaks of nature with out monogomous relationships......well, most of us anyway lol