Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wanted: One Photo Editor for Weekly Publication

What...is going on here?

This gem of a photograph is in this weeks Migro newspaper. Specifically it is the last picture in a photo collage of this man wrestling with his dog.

But how did this picture get past the photo editor? How did this get published?



Habebi said...

I don't get it? Is it supposed to be funny or is it hinting at beastiality?? What were they thinking??

Ais said...

I think the dog is jumping up beside him, but it kind of looks like its head is.....well, as you can see, haha!

Caitie said...

Habebi-I definitely don't think it was hinting at the later. Perhaps it was meant to be funny; Dan and I had a good laugh over it anyways.

Ais-for sure the dog is jumping up beside him. It's just a hilarious picture and Dan and I couldn't figure out why the photo editor didn't choose another wrestling picture instead of this one. It just looks weird.