Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Village

So it occurred to me that I never actually showed you any pictures of what The Village looked like.

I was too busy discussing The Teenager, and Jony, and Maxi, and Flore, and Orania Z, and Ghiara. I'm sure you immensely cared about all these creatures that were in our care, and were so excited to open up your browser and learn about another new animal! Yay!

But in case you were just hoping to catch a look at the scenery, I'm afraid I disappointed you...UNTIL TODAY.

I love The Village, and I'm not talking M. Night. Shyamalan's movie.

The Village is completely surrounded on all sides by forest, and you even have to drive a long and tree-lined stretch of road before you come to The Village.

I sort of felt like I was in the midst of Sherwood Forest, and Robin Hood and his mischievous gang of ironic thieves would emerge from the growth.

Needless to say they didn't.  The only people emerging through the woods were those out for a stroll on the extensive Wanderwegs.

But boy did I have a good time exploring this place, and getting to know all it's country lanes. By the end of our two weeks I had walked every Wanderweg that showed itself to me, and had even hoisted myself on a bicycle to go even further.

Though, the bike tour wasn't nearly as enjoyable: hot damn are bike seats ever uncomfortable.

My chariot of fire

Village intersection

Bus stop

Schule crossing

Stay connected

This garden was NUTS it was so beautiful.  In my attempts to take pictures of it, the three dogs were winding around my ankles desperate to get moving.  Then a car came up the road.  I was hobbled up, trying to snap pictures, and trying to get out of the way. The driver, a she, gave me the DIRTIEST look as she slowly drove by.  So I smiled and waved.  It makes them more mad.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that you can see the Alps from The Village?

Because you totally can!
(Don't mind the dust splotch on the sensor...)

Like, totally!

Always keep your handy rainbow umbrella with you

Oh Village, how I miss thee.

But I think it is my three canine buddies and two equine companions, who I miss the most.

(Plus the cows...of course)


Habebi said...

Ahhhhh.... That looks so serene doesn't it? I can't blame you one bit for missing it so much! Is it close by to where you live currently? Hope you get back to vist it again and again.

mom said...

Nice Cait! Bike seats aren't that just have to ride

Ais said...

Nice pictures, the last one is my favourite :)