Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sunday in Bern

Sunday morning I woke up in the best mood. Maybe it was because of all that pizza I had for dinner on Saturday? At any rate, I felt like singing. And then when I whipped opened the shutters and saw the sun shining, it was determined: I was going to be annoyingly chipper that day, and nothing could stop me.

Our original planned Sunday excursion was to do a really long walk along the Aare and end up in some village near Thun. As we walked down Bern's main drag (me with my camera firmly glued to my eye) towards the bear park and the beginning of our walk, I just felt like I could pop open at the seams and rainbows would shoot out of my fingertips or something. I WAS IN A GOOD MOOD. Grumpy people would have wanted to keep a clear ten foot radius from me, because I honestly thought I could probably rub my sleeve on their face and have my good mood rub off on them.

And that mood just kept getting better the more autumn colours that I saw. And when we approached the bear park, and hung over the bridge staring at Finn for awhile,...

...I realized I didn't actually want to leave Bern that Sunday. I wanted to keep to the cobblestoned streets and soak up the urban landscape for a change.

Bern is such a beautiful city, and when you have apple crisp sunlight painting the town golden, it is difficult to imagine being anywhere else in Switzerland that would be as beautiful. So we stayed to the city streets, we explored new neighbourhoods, and my good mood deepened as I took picture after bright picture of the autumn and city colours.


You guys better watch it, because I also happen to be in another fab mood today. There's a good chance I may point my finger in your direction, and rainbows of happiness will hit you in the face and knock you to the ground.

You'll have no choice but to smile.


T said...

Wow Caitie, these pictures are awesome, I love how you've learned to display so many in one entry. Definitely put a smile on my face this morning! :)

Dad said...

Beautiful pic's Cait and you're right.........I'm feeling better already; your mood is infectious!

Habebi said...

How did you know I needed a solid dose of good mood vibes?! Thank you for that! Seriously girl, these pics are fantastic. I love, LOVE them! You should publish a book of your pictures of Swiss. For real. Sit that sucker on a coffee table and let all of your guests marvel at the beauty of your work and of your new home.

Caitie said...

T--happy to make you smile :-) See you...CRAZY SOON.

Dad--you better be in a good mood!I'm gracing you with my presence in less than two weeks. What's not to be happy about? P.S. I'd like fresh lilies in my room, and a maid to turn down my covers and place a minty chocolate on my pillow every night.

Habebi--now I'm blushing! Thank you for the compliment, now I'm in an even *better* mood. Rainbow power!