Monday, 13 September 2010

Pretty Things

When unpacking the Canada shipment, there were a few items that I 'rediscovered'. These items had been purposefully packed, but if I never saw them again I wouldn't have remembered.

One of these items is an old silver and glass...thingamajig. And yes, I am quite certain that is its official name.

I received this thingamajig from my Nan; it had belonged to her sister and great aunt Marg wanted me to have it, though I am not entirely sure why.  I think perhaps because this thingamajig looks as though it is some sort of English or Middle Eastern vessel for tea, and aunt Marg was always very delighted by the fact that at a young age I showed an interest in cooking, baking, and all things culinary. I think it soothed her soul to know that someone in the younger generation wasn't going to hell in a handbasket, but if they were, at least they'd know how fix themselves something proper to eat when they got to where ever it is one goes when they are 'going to hell in a handbasket'.

I can't even remember when I came into possession of the thingamajig, but I do know that in mine and Dan's first apartment it stood on a table in the hall making efforts to look decorative, but really just collecting dust.

I stowed it away because it was getting in the way of me tossing my junk mail, keys, wallet, glasses, and other odds and ends on the table. Plus, it was a glaring reminder that I never dusted. Who wants to have some inanimate object leering at you from under its dusty bangs, reminding you that if you ever had to write a list of phrases to describe yourself, 'domestic goddess' could not possibly appear? So lil ol' dusty thingamajig went into a box.

When sorting through our stuff for the Swiss move, I opened the box and considered what I was to do with this strange antique. I decided to keep it and take it with us, because it is pretty and maybe I'd make use of it whenever I discovered what the hell it actually is.

But then I forgot about it.

And then when I was opening boxes of odds and ends, lo the thingamajig did reappear. Safely delivered across the Atlantic, and still a confusing piece of antiquity.

I went to the Blumen Feld a couple of days later and got seriously greedy with long stemmed sunflowers and other blooms that I can not identify by name, and totally forgot I had NOTHING that was large enough to keep them in. When I got home I pitifully decided I was going to have to do a hack job of the stems so they could sit in the drinking glasses I had been using as vases, when the thingamajig popped into my mind.

It could be useful! Finally!

So ever since that day I have been using great aunt Marg's thingamajig to hold my flowers in. And man is it ever nice to own at least one item that doesn't have Ikea stamped on the bottom. Though I haven't officially checked that out.  Maybe Ikea was infiltrating English or Middle Eastern bazaars before we even realized it, and this is the first prototype of 'furniture imperialism' known to mankind!

Maybe that's why I like it so much!

Jaunty little handle on hip

This does look like it should be used for a tea service, right?

Pieces of the puzzle

I think this lid looks like a little imperialist helmet, don't you?

Flowers for flowers



A high step



And don't even say anything about the tarnished silver. I have chosen to approach the matter with the firm belief that it gives the thingamajig character.

Lots and lots of character.

P.S. Hit me with your best shot; what do you think this is? And what do you think its origins are, because I'm stumped.


mom said...

Cait, I think it is a tea pot. I think that some source of heat went underneath it, sort of like a fondue pot, and that heated the water in order to steep the tea. No idea of the origin though, maybe English?

Meghan said...

Not sure of the origin, but it looks really great with the flowers in it!
What mom said sounds right though. I think aunt Marg would enjoy it like this. :)

T said...

It's beautiful! I agree, the tarnish adds character. I also agree that it has to be a tea pot.

mom said...

Cait, the purple flowers are gladiolas....

Habebi said...

Ohhh that is very lovely!! Love it and you're right, it does have character. That's a good, good thing. I love discovering things once forgotten.