Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's Magic!

Should I use my power for good or evil?

Dan and I bought a piece of junk cheapo television off of Craigslist, and the damn thing has broken.

No matter how many times I pound on the 'Magic' button, I can't get the television to come back to life.

There is no 'Magic' in the 'Magic' button, and I am really angry about this.

What wizard do I need to consult to rectify this problem?

It's a good thing we have a brand spanking new television coming this week, otherwise I have half a mind to sue...someone.

I tried to hit the 'Magic' button to conjure up an image of the person I need to sue, but nothing happened. 

Very tricky, inventor of the 'Magic' button, very tricky....


Habebi said...

Do you need to say some magical incantation while pressing the magic button? That might work. You all are getting a new tv though so it doesn't really matter.

Not going to lie though pressing that button, waving it around a la Harry Potter yelling out 'tv workus!' does sound fun.

Anonymous said...

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