Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Haus Week

You know how the Discovery Channel has Shark Week and TLC has People With Crazy Autoimmune Diseases Week: You Want to Look Away But Can't. Well this week on A Cait's Life we are going to be hosting Haus Week.

It will be a lot less interesting than Discovery or TLC, as they aren't any sharks or 'tree people' living in my house. Though to be fair to Haus Week, I do get some truly frightening dust bunnies that roll around here, trying to act all tough and badass. As the days go on, some appear as though they are evolving feet and teeth, but right before they look like they're going to snack on my ankles BAM I vacuum 'em up. I'd show you these dust bunnies, but I do have SOME dignity. Psh.

This series is dedicated to my Nan, who asked me to post pictures of my apartment after the Canada shipment came in. I will present you with this series, but posting pictures of my furnished apartment does kind of seem like inviting the peeping tom to the window, giving him some popcorn, and promising to trim back the hedges so he has a better view.

Basically, it's kinda weird.

But anyhow, on with the show. And today's episode is devoted to my favourite room in the house: The Office.


Caitie: So Caitie, tell us what your inspiration for this room was.

Me: Well Caitie, I had no inspiration. Dan had already bought the couch (sofa-bed) and the desk before I got here, and the white leather chair was a hand-me-down from Dan's uncle who didn't want it anymore. So I guess the inspiration was really to put these all in one room, and hope they matched.

Caitie: I think you've succeeded. And I really love how you managed to make the sofa-bed look nice, since I understand that after three months of sleeping on it, you wanted to burn it. How did you bring yourself to love it again? 

Me: Thanks Caitie. Well, basically I went to Ikea and bought the cheapest pillows I could find, and this green blanket that was also pretty cheap. Then I spent five minutes trying to figure out how to drape the blanket artfully over the arm of the couch. When I got that how I liked it, I gave each pillow a karate chop, and voila you can now lie on the couch and pillow your head, while keeping your feet covered if they get cold. It seems like a couch to me now, and not a horrible daily reminder that my comfortable bed is missing somewhere over the Atlantic.

Caitie: I notice that you have a really large and hideous computer chair in this room. Why?

Me: Excellent question Caitie. I am married to a man who will find the absolute largest piece of furniture that will possibly fit in our living quarters, and he will fall in love with it. This chair was also purchased before I arrived in Switzerland. I've tried to make it work.

Caitie: I admire your determination to look past its ugly flaws.

Me: Thank-you so much. I just try to think What Would Mother Theresa Do? and then make the most of it.

Caitie: What a lovely book shelf.

Me: Thank-you. It is my very most favourite bestest loved thing in this room. This bookshelf is why the office is my favourite room. I love my books.

Caitie: And I notice you have little knick-knacks hidden amongst your books. What are these?


Me: Well, the little wooden girl and boy are the cake toppers that I made to go on top of our wedding cake. I got the idea off Etsy, and then balked at paying someone $30 to do something that cost me $10. The little Paris box is also from our wedding, and I found it at Home Sense. We use it to keep our wedding cards in, and the Paris theme is fitting since we went to Paris on our honeymoon. The wooden cat is from my grandad. Dan hates it, but I can't figure out why. Why wouldn't you love something that stares at you with a cocked head and disdainful eyes. It will be with me forever.

Me: And Caitie, all my books are organized by theme and genre in each cube! Want me to explain this to you?!

Caitie:, Caitie. This is Haus Week not nerd week. Though I'm sure all our viewers would be interested to know what's going on with these.

Me: I'd rather not talk about these.

Caitie: What are they?

Me: They're Dan's comic book collection. He demanded two cubes to display part of the collection...the neon yellow ruins my careful aesthetic.

Caitie: What would Mother Theresa do?

Me: Exactly.

Caitie: Okay then, I also notice there's a green theme. You have a green blanket on the couch, green boxes in the bookshelves, and also green organizers on the desk, what's up with that?

Me: Very good question Caitie. The theme comes from this picture...

Caitie: What's so great about this picture?

Me: It has a great story to it. My grandma bought it in the sixties from a girl she knew who was always looking for money, 'because the poor girl was always out of her mind looking for the marijuana'. The story goes that my Nan told the girl she wouldn't just give her the money, so the girl painted this picture of a Poppy and my Nan bought it off her for $10.

Caitie: That is a good story. What's the story behind the poster above the desk?

Me: This is Dan's favourite band EVER. And this is his favourite poster EVER. And basically he would DIE if this poster didn't safely make it from Canada to Switzerland. So because I am a good wife, I safely packed it up, and then when I got here I framed it for him. I like it too, but don't tell him!

Caitie: Any other comfortable features in this room you want to discuss?

Me: Well...I guess one of the best parts of the office is you can come in here, pick a book, curl up on the couch or chair, and just wait for this guy to come and keep you company while you read.

Me: Actually, on second thought, Cosmo's my bestest most favouritest most loved part of the room: his eyes match the green theme.


Ais said...

I didnt see a tiny dalmation figurine anywhere.......unimpressed!

jessica said...

1. see, i knew we were meant to be internet friends. i too organize my entire collection of books by genre. but not alphabetically.
2. could you please tell me what pieces you used to make the cake toppers? i've wanted to make some halloween people just like that but i don't know what the base is or where to buy it
3. you guys are great decorators!
4. jonathan has a very similarly obtrusively neon and juvenile dvd collection ... it has been relegated to a closet!