Wednesday, 15 September 2010


When was the last time you saw a truly gorgeous sunset? A sunset that was more than just billowing shades of orange?

I saw one last night, but only thanks to Dan. I had my back to the window and was bent over my camera trying to unlock rusted boxes of gray matter that contained old photography information, and would never have noticed it if he hadn't told me to turn around.

Guys, these pictures do not even do the colours justice. Thankfully I'd just moments before been re-pondering aperture and could quickly put my microscopic knowledge to the test, since my motto of 'put it on P' definitely failed me on this night; the colour exposure was totally whack and shooting in aperture priority mode was the only way to come close to capturing the true brilliance of those last dance colours.

This reminds me of warm caramel being silkily poured from its pan. I just want to grab a spoon...

The craziest thing about this sunset was how quickly the colours changed.

One minute you had this wash of water colours

And the next minute it was bold acrylics. I couldn't keep up!

And the views from the front of our apartment were just as satisfying as the views from the back.

It's pink! The building is pink!

I can't remember the last time I saw a true pink in a sunset, and the last picture I took before the light completely changed is pink, pink, pink!

So pretty!

Lucky for me Dan is eagle eyed (and actually looks out the window once in awhile) because when I caught the show, there were only about six minutes of light remaining.

And since 'red sky at night, sailor's delight' is a proverb I plan picnics around, today I went to Interlaken just to kick around and see what-was-what in that tourist trap of a town.

But that's another blog post, for another day.

So for now I'll just say nighty-night, sleep tight, don't let the ticks bite.


Habebi said...

Oh my Gawd!! I a total sucker for beautiful sunsets! I haven't been able to capture them the way you have-these pictures are spectacular!!! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to hear about the tourist trap trip.

Meghan said...

Wow. That's all I can say about these pictures. Your descriptions were great. Felt like I was there with you.

T said...


M'dame Jo said...

Yes, it was gorgeous everywhere that day! The 15th, right?