Wednesday, 29 September 2010

An Affair to Remember

The summer fling.

Have you ever had one? Those long days of dripping ice cream, toes in the sand, leaping from rope swings into cold water. Campfires, marshmallows, feeling like you're on the best ride in the park.

Then September.

Goodbyes are said, promises to write. To keep in touch. But nothing looks the same as it does under summer sunlight. A 2D love story becomes 3D and you don't like depth.

Maybe next summer....

Brace yourselves, but I had a summer fling. Flings, really. And now it's all over. Ended for another summer. If you've read my 'About' tab, this summer infatuation isn't a surprise. Heck, if you've paid attention to my (poorly designed) banner, it can be no mystery of what I speak.

If you're Dan, my obsession was maddening. We couldn't hike or walk anywhere without meeting the object(s) of my affection.

Luckily though, I took lots of pictures to remember what a beautiful summer it was, and tomorrow I'll tell you why it all had to come to an end.

(turn on your speakers)
Do you think they'll write?


Dan said...

Perhaps now we can actually enjoy the REAL scenery of the alps without stopping at the sound of every cow-bell in a ten mile radius.

jessica said...

you're great with these overnight hooks ;)... ill come back tomorrow then for the rest of the story!. i like that badge over tehre that says i'm awesome btw. nifty

Habebi said...

Ok I had a response, but, it went away when I read Dan's comment! That made me giggle quite a bit!