Thursday, 5 August 2010


I ate lunch in a castle today.

Doesn't that sound so very European!  I know, I know!  Sometimes I still can't believe living here has actually worked out.

Anyhow, the reason I ate lunch in a castle today was to celebrate the fact that I woke up tick free!

Go me!

Before going to bed last night, I made Dan do a thorough examination of our sleeping quarters.  He was the best choice for this because he has freaky good vision, and I do not.

Tangent alert:  I actually did not sleep very well last night because I kept imagining ticks on me, even though yesterday I made sure to stick only to the cement jungle.  Also, my cats use me as a human pillow.  Generally I don't mind, but as I looked at their little balled up bodies, snoring peacefully on my legs, I started to wonder if they were tick carriers.  Had they turned on me? After all I had done for them! Unable to close my eyes until I had further explored this idea, I picked them up and carried them to the dining room where I busted out the cat brush and searched them for ticks. Poppy was not happy with me.  Cosmo could have cared less.  They were tick free.  My mind was not.  I didn't sleep very well, is what I'm saying.

So to celebrate being tick free, I went to Thun today.

The weather was not very good, and the sky was a heavy grey but I thought who cares.

It wasn't raining when I left, so hopefully it would stay that way.

It didn't.  But to prove to Dan that I learn from my mistakes, I packed my raincoat.

Look Mom and Dad, I brush my hair!

Since the last picture I posted of me looked like I was getting slapped in the face by a poltergeist I figured I should put up a really grainy and bad quality vanity shot.

This also serves as evidence to my parents that I do not always look like utter crap, which is basically how I always look when we Skype. 

I've decided to put more effort into maintaining my title as Trophy Wife.

And what do you know, I've gone off on another tangent.

Back to Thun.

So basically despite the weather, I decided to go anyhow and you know, sometimes it's the most ghostly of days that make for the best photos.

Twice today it poured rain, but both times I managed to stay snug and dry by (a) eating my lunch in a castle; and (b) standing under a church gazebo and looking out over the Thun treetops.

Here are the photos of my day in Thun!

Pretty bridge

Pretty bridge cont...

Inner workings of the bridge

City scape, that's the church tower you see

Another pretty bridge, it's the identical twin of the one previously shown

Feather soft

Canal sreet

Carnival fun

Tip top

Looking back

A bike under camouflage, that you actually don't see.  See?

Wheel of fun
(that is, if you're not afraid of ferris wheels, which I am)

Stroll to church

Church grounds

I have to say, this church is over 1,000 years old (per the sign on the door) but the interior is so sparse I was disappointed.  I was able to climb the bell tower, but only the following caught my eye.

Bells, bells, bells

Sun and moon

The grounds were also scenically quiet, but they did provide me with shelter from a downpour.



While in the gazebo, I was eye level and staring right into someone's home window.  These people live in an old, old, old, house that is within spitting distance of the church's walls.  I imagine tourists season is no fun at all, which is maybe why they have planted such shocking exhibitions in their windows.

Le gasp!

Le gasp! cont...

Yes fine, we can agree these statues are actually not that shocking.  However, a family of five also sought refuge under the gazebo roof with me, and the little boy was fascinated with this window.  His mother put her hand over his eyes and then they all shuffled into the rain and down to the next gazebo.

I don't think they were European.

It's castle time!

Thun Schloss.

"I'd like to reserve a bench for one, and don't worry I packed my own snacks."

Going into the castle, you aren't going to walk into preserved bedrooms or great halls (at least I didn't).  Instead, the castle has been repurposed to be a museum on the history of Thun, but a few castle-ish items are on display.

Buns of steel

Elbows of steel

I opened this window!  I touched a really old latch, and decided to lift it!  It still works!

(sign on the door says this prison chamber stopped being used in 1920)

"I was here, against my will..."

(most likely, I'm taking a wild guess here)

" 1868."

The castle museum showcases a lot of pottery, it has a really extensive display of children's toys, and even showcases old furniture, clocks, and army uniforms.

Toy kitchen

Thun pottery motif

The display I really liked, was the one that had all the old photographs in it.

Photographs and paintings

Who are you?

And you?

And you?

And especially you?

Then it was time to leave the castle and head back to the train.









--The End--


mom said...

You look really good Cait. Love your pictures!

T said...

What a nice day trip! I agree with your mom, Switzerland looks good on you Caitie :)

Love the pictures, I can't even pick a favorite out of this batch. don't you think the last one in the series of portraits look as though it has a man dressed as a woman?


Dad said...

What a nice looking city Cait......lucky you to be there. And, your hair looks great too.

Ais said...

Hmph! I wish I ate lunch in a castle today! Instead, I ate lunch in a warehouse haha! Looks like a fun day, wish I was there :)

Habebi said...

Stunning pictures!! The view one looked straight out of a travel book. I almost felt as if I were there. Loved the pictures and good for you for getting out and about and seeing the wonderful beauty around you!

Sarah said...

You look awesome in your grainy vanity shot! Switzerland agrees with you!