Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Go Forth And Spread Good Karma

My sister Meghan has a friend who is slightly talented in the singing/songwriting department.

And by slightly I mean she's awesome!

Her name is Jodi and she's entered a Canadian contest to try and get a song she's written and performed,  recorded on David Suzuki's environmental soundtrack.

For people who may be reading who don't live in Canada, David Suzuki is our environmental guru. He used to have a television show called The Nature of Things that I watched when I was a kid. Inevitably there would always be one point in the show that would scare the crap out of me and lead me to believe 'we're all going to die!' when DS would proclaim things like, "Our earth is in danger. The Black Scoter's nesting grounds are being torn up for malls that only sell crap you don't need, and cookie cutter housing projects. Hey people, ever heard the saying 'don't shit where you eat' well our EARTH is where we eat, so stop being a race of dumb fucks who are more concerned about currency than clean air and oceans."

Of course David was more eloquent than that.

But he is Canada's environmental warrior, and he's got a project on the go called "Playlist for the Planet" where up-and-coming Canadian artists are invited to submit their songs to the CBC radio website, and you can vote for your favourite one; the picks will then be compiled into a CD--or iTunes, if we're being honest. Those quaint little CDs are on their way out the door, but not to the garbage dump...right, RIGHT?! You're taking them to recycling, right?

Jodi's song is in keeping with David Suzuki's environmental anthem, and it's about the Adams River salmon run. That is a kick-ass topic because this salmon run is huge (on a good year, let's face it we all know the numbers are dwindling), and it does literally represent the complete circle of life.

These little salmon are born in natural (non-farmed) spawning grounds, then they fight river currents and hungry bears and eagles to make their way to the ocean, where they hang out for a few years growing up, experimenting with different types of seaweed, before they feel the pull to return home and start their family. So they make the big swim BACK through BC's rivers, going against the current the whole way, while trying to avoid poaching nets, greedy fishermen, hungry bears, pollutants, and eagles. Once back to the Adams River--the very creek bed where they were born--the sockeye that survived the journey lay their eggs and then wash onto the banks of the river to die.

It honestly is something to see.

(And smell. For all it's visual magnificence, the salmon run stinks. Beached and decaying fish smell quite...fishy. It's even worse when your dog rolls around in the decaying carcass of a sockeye, then picks up its head and brings it to you like it's the best treasure in the world. Then you have to load your sweet little dog into the back of the car, whilst driving home with your head out the window and wishing you could give her a breath mint.)

Jodi's tribute song 'Salute to the Sockeye' is beautiful. I encourage you all to click here to listen to it. The song will load automatically, just give it a second and make sure your speakers are on.

Now that you've all heard what a beautiful melody it is, how about we all go forth to the radio website and vote for Jodi's song. It's not hard to do, and it will only take a minute out of your day.

Here's what to do:

(1) Go to this website
(2) Scroll down the alphabetical list of artists until you find 'Jodi Doidge'.
(3) Click on 'vote for this song'. You will be required to sign up for a CBC account, but they only want your email and a password. Everyone has an old email address kicking around, use that one if you're freaked out about junk mail. But people, it's a Canadian radio station, you'll be fine if you have to use your real one.
(4) Now you will probably have to go back and re-vote for the song, because signing up for an account didn't register your vote.

Go do this! Do it now!

Then go back tomorrow and vote again.

Spread some good karma into the world, help Jodi's talent be recognized so she can do what she loves, and rest easier tonight knowing you helped select a great song that will appear on a great album; an album that you just know will have all future proceeds go to funding environmental efforts, which includes ensuring that your children's great-grandchildren will one day be able to stand on the banks of the Adams River and watch a (hopefully) still thriving salmon run.


Habebi said...

And done!

T said...


mom said...

I tried to vote but it says that the votes are closed?

Ais said...

Wow, AWESOME song Jodie! I went to vote, but the voting deadline is today and its closed now :( Hope she wins!

Jodi said...

Cait thanks you are awesome!!! And thank you to everyone who listened and voted. I am also entering this in for the Adams River Sockeye Society (no voting required, just a panel of judges) for the chance to win $500 and play this year in October at the celebrations in Salmon Arm.

Meghan said...

Hope you win Jod. Loved the song!