Friday, 27 August 2010


I bought a basil plant yesterday.  I thought that the bright green leaves would be a nice way to add a splash of colour to the kitchen, until the leaves are called to duty: flavour duty.

In addition to getting a full plant, I also scored an awesome infestation of fruit flies for no extra charge.  Killer!

Who says you can't get a bargain in Switzerland?

Happy weekend Internet.  Hope you have a great one.

Mine will be spent getting all Schwarnzegger on the collective microscopic asses of a bunch of tiny pests.



Habebi said...

Ha ha!! I loved having fresh herbs nearby, but, they ended up dying because of those stinkin' pests. Ugh!! Good luck!

Ais said...

Hey Cait. We have those really bad right now too. My bamboo plant was infested with them also! I used an all natural bug killer, but I dont know if you want to do that considering you will be eating your basil?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cait! Not sure about Switzerland, but they sell fruit fly traps here that work like a charm. There is a sweet smell that they're attracted to so they fly into the tiny hole in a jar and then are trapped in there and eventually just die. We had them really bad at our old place and the traps literally got rid of them in two days.

You have to make sure that they're actually fruit flies. There is also a little fly that is attracted to plants and not food. You have to buy a spray to kill those ones.