Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Last Sunday morning, Dan rolled up the shutters and I protested.

"Stop it.  I'm not ready to be awake yet.  Close them, Cosmo will start crying."

"Too bad.  You're awake now.  I'm giving you your birthday present."

Getting my birthday present on Sunday when my birthday wasn't until Tuesday!  This was unusual.  Ordinarily Dan never even brings my present into the house until the evening before my birthday, because I'm totally psychic and can guess what's under the pretty wrapping despite decoy wrap jobs.

I'm not trying to ruin the surprise, I just see the package and know what it is. 

My abilities are a blessing and curse. I'm kind of like Spiderman except I hate spiders, would never choose to be associated with them, and I'm pretty sure that since I was terrible at chemistry, my web concoction wouldn't stick to the building as I flew through the air, and I'd fall to my death.  Otherwise, we're exactly the same: he has spidey senses, I have gifty senses.

Very eager to know what was going on, I excitedly sat up and opened the card.

On the front of the card were pictures of Bernese Mountain Dog pups.

"I'M GETTING A PUPPY!  WE'RE GOING TO GET IT TODAY! This is the best birthday EVER!"

"Umm...open the card."

No puppy.  Instead there was a little note telling me to pack my bag because we were headed to the family chalet in Adelboden for a week of hiking in the mountains.  Then he pulled out the hiking poles (which I kinda sorta maybe already guessed) and hiking pants (which were a surprise!).


I first visited the chalet in 2007, and it's everything a family getaway retreat should be: it's small, the walls are all wood, it's furnished with cast offs from home, has children's artwork decorating the walls, and all the fixtures are from the sixties.

Dan's family has owned this place for about twenty years, and it's their steady retreat for winter skiing and summer hiking.  Dan's first pair of skis are still in the attic, and his hand painted train masterpiece from when he was five, still hangs in the bedroom.

An original.
This picture has hung so long, the wood behind the picture is a different colour than the walls.


The most bad-ass oven mitt EVER.

Rest of the kitchen...plus a speedy Poppy.

Kitchen tile.




Full shot








In addition to the view, and the other rooms shown, the chalet also has two bedrooms and a bathroom. For some reason I forgot to take pictures of the second bedroom, but close your eyes and imagine....a closet....a dresser...a window...two twin beds...a nightstand in between the twin beds...a lamp on the nightstand.

For obvious reasons, I didn't take a picture of our room.  Mainly, it was a disaster with dirty hiking clothes strewn about.  Dan's family are very...Swiss. I don't understand how this works, but on a day-to-day basis their living quarters are always organized and neat.  Though we left the room very orderly and clean, I think his aunt would faint should she see the mess it had been in.

I'm protecting her.

Also the bathroom.  I should have gotten pictures of that.  There is a shower curtain decorated with cartoon penguins, the shower nozzle not only hangs on the wall like a telephone--it also resembles one, there's a bathtub so deep you almost feel like a kid again sinking into its depths, and there is tile on the walls that is so old and dated I'll be darned if it isn't new and fashionable again. 

This little chalet is very cozy, so I was super excited to visit it for a week.

Everyday we would return from our hikes and sink into the comfortable couches, then rot our brains watching television while we played Uno or Battleship (as I went through Internet withdrawal).

Then we'd drag ourselves to bed, where the creek would roar its turbulent song and fast asleep we'd fall, readying ourselves to wake-up and conquer our next trail.

Tomorrow I'll show you a few of our hikes.


Habebi said...

The decorating spans the decades doesn't it? But, OMG those views!! It looks soooooooo unbelievably peaceful there. I can't blame you for being excited to stay there. Such a gorgeous setting!

mom said...

Hey, I thought you weren't going to do a post today???? Glad you did, it is the highlight of my day...sad I know :-) Loved the pictures. The mountains are so majestic. It is interesting to see them because they are so different from the Rockies.

T said...

BEAUTIFUL VIEWS!!! I'm excited for more hiking pictures! Welcome back Caitie!

Exclamation point!!! (I'm done)

Ais said...

I want to go to that chalet! Take me there!