Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Are you sick of hearing about Adelboden yet? Well, it's been slow around these parts the past week.  Dan had another week of holidays so we did a couple of more hikes then we tossed a coin and decided we would take the chance of being stampeded and possibly not making it out alive, and we made another pilgrimage to Ikea.

Once there we ransacked Ikea.

We pillaged Ikea.

We went to Ikea and took no prisoners.

We were ruthless and swashbuckling pirates who ran through the maze of 'IMPULSE BUY, IMPULSE BUY' and went giddy with the possibilities.  We got drunk off the Ikea moonshine otherwise known as 'staged living' and tossed items into our cart to outfit our meagre ship with necessities that had been missing for too long--who needs lamps anyhow?

We were mad with power.

Then we went to the checkout line and paid.

We became sad when the bill slapped us in the face.

That night we were happy because we could see in the dark.

And yesterday our Canada shipment arrived so I'm sorting through the mess right now.

In the meantime, I leave you with these final cloudy day images of dear little Adelboden.

Office with a view

Main drag

Village square

Cow bells


Ham's Bistro.
People of Switzerland, Ham serves a $5.00 hamburger and you don't need a magnifying glass to see it.  He gets his patty's made by the local butcher, and when you order, he totters into the kitchen and whips up your food while yelling conversation from the stove.  Then while you eat or sip your beverage, he sits at the table with you and discusses politics while the yodelling tunes pump from his stereo.  People who don't live in Switzerland, a $5.00 hamburger is almost unheard of.  Christmas came early for Dan this year, and Ham is his new BFF.


On the brink

The sweetest smell

Once again, we went up...

Better Homes and Gardens

The road was long....

Possible my most flattering picture, ever

This one's not bad, either

Meg, Ais..."The Mist"

"...it's mist, son."

Fresh snow down to 2,500m on Saturday night.  We'd been hiking up at 2,600m.
Good thing it was time to go.

I bid you adieu, Adelboden.  Until the next time I see you.

Which will probably be this winter, when Dan straps skis on me feet and pushes me down the mountain.

I hope your snow is soft and your trees are bendy.

Love, Caitie.


mom said...

Cait, the pictures are absolutely stunning!

T said...

Congrats on your Canada shipment finally getting there!!!

The pictures are amazing! I have such an itch to go hiking everytime I look at your pictures!

Habebi said...

Okay lots to cover here!

First off woot for pillaging Ikea and getting shipments in!! Now that's a welcome 'mess'!! Good luck sorting it out and may I say I'm beyond jealous Dan gets so much vacay!!

The pictures- stunning, gorgeous, unbelievably picturesque!!! I want to be there lol.

Ham's Bistro sounds like heaven. Quaint, delicious, friendly staff, amazing locale, and beyond reasonably priced food. Awesome, awesome. You will have to take a picture of Ham's proprietor someday.

Btw- you rock an orange jacket like no other girl!

Oh and I like the new blog layout. I did a google search for JTT and it seems he wanted to go to college- a lot? He's done some voicework too. I only clicked on a couple of sites though, so maybe there's a site out there with better inside info on what happened to him than I found.

Caitie said...

Mom - Thanks!

T - You WILL come visit, and we WILL hike. Then we'll erase all our hard work by drinking vats of cheese fondue.

Habebi - YOU TOTALLY ROCK! Hahaha! Thanks for searching ol' JTT. Surely I wasn't the only little tween who crushed hard on that guy? And likewise if you're in Europe, come this way and we'll go to Ham's for insanely cheap food (Switzerland is expensive, yo)and listen to yodelling music while Ham and Dan discuss Swiss politics ;-)

Ais said...

Oh My God! Looks like Dan got caught in..."The Mist" dun dun dun.... So this Bistro, it kinda looks like the only way to get to it is if you hike up the side of a mountain? Am I right, or am I right? And yay! You have a bed now

Caitie said...

Ais-he was caught in the mist! Which means I was too! Don't worry, I was totally scanning the mountain for a giant fly swatter so I could kill those mofo alien bugs when they came down. Luckily we made it out alive.

There is definitely a climb involved to get to the bistro, but it's not too bad.

And oh the bed! The bed! The sleeps I have had. I will never take pillow-top, posturepedic support, for granted again.

T said...

YES I WILL! And we will definitely drown in cheese fondue/wine!

Also, after reading your comments I must admit that no you were not the only one in love with JTT. I shamlessly had posters on my wall and knew his birthday.

Habebi said...

I loved watching 'Home Improvement', but, not going to lie the last season or two it was weird with JTT going all serious actor and stuff. When I read your mention of him I was like, "OMG what happened to that guy??" Of course, had to do a search because that's what I do. I Google baby.