Sunday, 8 August 2010

29 Things To Know About Me

The title is self-explanatory, so here's the list:

29. I only like bananas in their original, pure, just-peeled, banana form.  I absolutely LOATHE bananas when their flavour sneaks its way into my smoothie, my cereal, my convenience store beverage, and my joghurt.  Ick!

28.  I like going to the dentist.  I have naturally straight teeth so whenever I go, the hygienist without fail peeks into my mouth and exclaims, "Wow! You've got amazing teeth!"  Is it weird that I thrive on that compliment?

27.  I have never owned a bikini.  I would like to rectify this, if only I could get past my reflection in the change room mirror. 

26.  One winter day, when I was five, I almost drowned when I crashed through the ice of a ditch/slew I wasn't supposed to be walking on. My neighbour drove by, and he rescued me.

25.  I have a scarf addiction.  It's bad.  My picture should be on a poster, and people should refuse me service.

24. When given the choice of sleeping in for five extra minutes, or looking like I've just spent that extra five minutes on my appearance, I will always choose sleeping in.

23.  I always make my youngest sister pluck my eyebrows.  Now that we live ten hours away from each other (via plane) my inability to shape my own brows has become problematic.  I need to get rich FAST and sponsor my sister over here. Her job description on her Swiss visa application will read: eyebrow sculptor.

22. I had a hamster that lived to be five or six years old.  He was ancient.  His name was Nugget.

21. I wear Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume.

20.  One time I got locked in a movie theatre bathroom stall.  My only way out was to crawl under the door, on the questionably wet floor.  I don't even think the movie I was seeing was worthy of this serious breach of hygienic boundaries. 

19. I'm a Harry Potter nerd. When book 7 came out, I pre-ordered my copy two months in advance. On the release date I waited in line and enthusiastically counted down to midnight so I could get my hands on my copy. Then I read until 5 a.m. One of the best nights ever.

18. My favourite ice cream is Tiger: that orange and liquorice concoction that always leaves your tongue black.

17.  My favourite line from a song is from Jay-Z's "Run This Town" and it's when Kanye raps, "I'm just trying to change the colour on your mood ring." I like that line so much, because in life I think that's all we're really trying to do. 

16.  My absolute favourite drink is Baby Canadian Champagne.  And please don't think we're dealing with some delicate brew.  No, no, no my friends.  We are dealing with an economy beverage here.  2L for $10.00, and boy does it go down smooth.  And the bubbles leave such a lovely, "hahaha I'm going to tell a slightly inappropriate joke to this room of random strangers because I'M DRUNK AND I'M HILARIOUS" feeling.

15.  I already have the name for my future Bernese Mountain Dog picked out.  Buy me the dog, and I'll tell you his name.

14.  I hate the feeling of wet hands touching. Shiver. Shudder. Swim away!  I'm talking wrinkled, pruny, been-in-the-water-too-long, fingers touching.  Even typing this made me cringe.

13. I don't have a favourite colour or number.

12. Fall is my favourite time of year.  I have an irresistible urge to sharpen pencils, arrange stationary, and immediately bust out my new fall fashion even though the weather isn't quite cold enough.  I think deep down, I'll always be twelve and anticipating the first day of school. 

11.  I often wear my sunglasses at night.  I promise I'm not a douche!  But they're prescription sunglasses and I loose my regular glasses, well, regularly. 

10.  I am psychologically paralyzed at the thought of sharks.  They totally, totally freak me out. 

9. I'm super forgetful and I loose A LOT of stuff.  I have put my car keys down in the the dairy fridge of the supermarket, and then spent over thirty minutes (after paying for my groceries!) searching for them.  This has happened more than once.  It's also happened more than twice.  It's also happened more than five times.

8. I am afraid of the ferris wheel.  I have this fear it's going to come off its hinges and roll through the park, squishing everyone in its path.  Also, the fear isn't helped when you look at the person operating the wheel: carnies are carnies for a reason.

Image via Google Images

7. I was 27 when I went on the ferris wheel for the first time.  Dan made me.  I was scared as the bucket rocked back and forth as we rotated around, and the carnie (who had our life in his hands!) was yelling at another carnie, bitching about how he was just going to "f*cking take [his] break, and f*ck the boss!"  I'm glad we didn't die at the hands of a carnie.  It would be so humiliating.

6. I'm a chipaholic. I love potato chips.  I love potato chips. I love potato chips. I love potato chips. (continue this sentence to infinity and one)

5. One day I want to do a BBQ tour of the Southern states.

4. I have two sisters, Meg and Ais, they're my BFF's.

3. I don't like traditional romantic gestures; big rose bouquets and those cards that profess sweeping sentiment make my skin crawl, while I nervously check for the door. I have psychoanalyzed myself and I can pin-point the exact age and moment when I realized shudder, romance is creepy!  Poor Dan, this all happened before him and I can tell that some days, he has no clue what he got into by marrying me.  Especially if he wants to do something nice like buy me roses, but knows it will result in me eyeing the blooms with horror and asking him DON'T YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?!!!

2. Hobbies include....who knows? I'm not a scrapbooker, I'm not a painter, I don't run marathons, I've never made my own greeting cards, and I don't have a burning desire to join a club.  Am I the most boring person alive?

1. Tuesday is my birthday. Guess how old I'll be?


Guess what!! This morning Dan woke me up and made me open my birthday presents, and he's surprised me with a week in the mountains at the family chalet! There's no Internet there peeps.  I'll be off the grid.  Well, not really because there is electricity, and neighbours, and I don't think they have composting toilets or compost in general.  Also, there is probably a telephone and there's definitely no solar panels.  *But* there's no Internet. So I think that counts as being off the grid.

See you in a week!


(that would be my version of Tschüs--German farewell--to all of you who may be new here.  Dig through the archives, you'll find the story).


T said...

Happy Birthday on Tuesday Caitie! I know how old you are but I will not reveal it! Sounds like an awesome five days ahead of you!



Sharks freak me out too, the movie Jaws is definitely on my scarriest movies list. When I was too young to know better I had a nightmare that there were sharks in the Thompson River...and to this day I still catch myself afraid of any body of water that I can't see the bottom of.

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Cait and enjoy your week in the mountains. I actually love sharks and have been known to call in sick for shark week on the Discovery channel. Hey, it is better than liking ticks right?

Ais said...

Hey Cait, I could add some things onto your list I bet haha! Have fun being 'of the grid' for a while :)

Habebi said...

Awwww doesn't that sound lovely?? A week away from it all in the mountains, Dan is one great husband! Enjoy your time there, I promise there'll be an email waiting in your inbox for you when you get back. Loved getting to know you better btw! :)

Have FUN! And Happy Birthday!!

Cheryl from Saskatchewan said...

Wow - you live in the mountains, and now you get to vacation in more mountains. I could not be more jealous - it is very, very flat here!!!!! Have fun and Happy Birthday!

mom and dad said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Cait;

We will call you on Tuesday! Have fun!

Love mom

Ais said...

Wait a minute.....I just realized that you said you like the dentist. I shake my head. Youre not the sister I once knew, haha!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great birthday week!! Still loving reading your great posts!

M'dame Jo said...

Happy 29th birthday :-)

Meghan said...

Have fun Cait! Make sure to drink lots of champagne (even if it's not baby canadian), and eat as many chips as you please because... it it's your birthday!!! Loved the 29 things to know about me by the way. I even learned a thing or two:)

Sarah said...

So this explains why I haven't heard from you since I emailed you yesterday morning!! That was so sweet of Dan to take you away! Hope you guys have an awesome trip, and hope you had an awesome birthday! Miss you, love the list :)