Friday, 23 July 2010


When Dan was growing up, they never had dogs. None.  Not even one. They were strictly a cat family.

He was deprived.

As a result, Dan can't actually be described as a dog person.  He likes them well enough, is a 100% fine with the knowledge we will have a dog one day, but he doesn't go out of his way to pet a strange dog, throw its ball, and all that jazz.

I am the exact opposite.  I would cross a five lane highway if I saw a Bernese Mountain Dog walking on the other side. I will always pet dogs that are looking for a little love, and the best way to spend a cold winter day is lying in front of the fire, watching a movie, with a dog snoozing comfortably beside you.

So I was very curious to see how he would be around three dogs, that require a lot of attention.

And now for the very anti-climatic announcement:  he's great around them.  Obviously.

And just like little Jony has stolen my heart, there's one little lab that has stolen Dan's.


This is Maxi, or as Dan calls her The Sporty One.

When we go for our evening walks, he only wants to walk Maxi.  And when she's let off her lead to run, she sticks close to his side or trails behind him. 

Waiting...waiting....for the Kong to be thrown.

Everybody ready


GO! Well, Maxi will go anyways.  The other two aren't that sporty.

Queen of the Kong.

Maxi is very protective of the Kong, and doesn't really like to share.

Get lost!  This disgusting rubber toy is MINE!

I said...disappear!

(She's playing tug-o-war with a fourth lab we looked after for two days.  His name was Ophie.)

Yes, I would definitely say that when she was a pup she didn't learn to share. It's impossible to be mad at her though, especially when she looks like this:

But I only want the Kong for myself.

Don't make me share, I'll cry.

And guess who doesn't make her share?

That's right.  The 6 foot something Swiss who is putty in her paws.

Friendships, big and small.

"Dan, we have to let the other dogs have the Kong for awhile."

"But why?  They don't like it as much as Maxi.  She loves it so much, let's let her carry it."

So he gives it to her. 

And she's happy.

She trails behind him in his long shadow and he keeps both eyes out for her, ready to drop everything when Maxi announces that she's ready for the Kong to be thrown.


T said...

What a great story! Love the last picture. You guys definitely need a chunk of land and a dog or two when you get back!

Habebi said...

Awwww!!! I love seeing guys melt around animals. Gives me a warm fuzzy. Maxi is one cute lab!! I love that picture of her standing in front of him. Very, very sweet.

Ais said...

Maxi doesnt like sharing? Well, she and I would become fast friends then wouldnt we? Haha, cute dog! Looks like they have some nice forest area around where their property is.