Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lovely Lucerne

On July 2nd, to celebrate my one month and one day milestone of living in Switzerland, I decided it was probably time I figured out how to navigate the train stations on my own.

Not that scary.

Yeah, I'm super lame and hadn't taken the train by myself at this point.  And honestly, the public transit in this country is a snap to use so there's no reason I should have been afraid to make a train journey by myself.

But I was. 

And I got over it.

The end. 

Just kidding.

For my inaugural solo trip, I chose to go Lucerne.  I'd been there before in 2007, and when I woke up that Friday morning wondering where I should venture to, I decided I wanted to go back and see Lucerne's famous covered bridge and weeping lion.

Needless to say I managed the solo journey just fine, which means I GOT ON THE RIGHT TRAIN! and also I BOUGHT THE RIGHT TICKET! and also I FOLLOWED PROPER TRAIN ETIQUETTE! There's silent cars on some trains, and that means no iPod, no angry babies (or happy babies either), no cellphones, and no talking.  Silence. I found myself in one of these cars, so I remained tree-like--hardly daring to breathe.  No one noticed me.  Perfect.

Drat that dust all over my sensor!

Stepping out of the Lucerne train station, you are met with lake views.  And if it's sunny, you are met with stunning lake views.

An alpine mirage.

Who wants to take a dip?

Floating city...that doesn't float.

Now listen, I get A LOT of flack for making repeat visits to places I've already been, when there's still so much I haven't seen.  But seriously, it's not possible to know a place after one visit.  Yeah, maybe you don't know it after two visits, but you're guaranteed to have at least seen more. 

And the first time we visited Lucerne it was after hiking Rigi, so quickly before our train came we saw exactly two things: the lion and the bridge.  This is a whole city!  There is more stuff to see!

Like this freaky paper mache statue/sculpture/construct.
Look at the baby! Shudder.
And isn't it shame that all of them, including the teddy, have such bad vision. 

And this lovely normal park, by the lake.

And sad misguided fan fare.
Poor souls.  Holland didn't stand a chance.  Spain was WAY hotter.

And dragon boats.

Up close.

And tacky Swiss souvenirs.
I especially love the dolphin wind chime; so representative of Switzerland. 
It's so true, you can't go anywhere in Switzerland without running into a gang of dolphins.
Or is that a pod of dolphins?

And the swans!

And the water front properties.

And elaborate facades.

And cool cars.

And fortress walls.

And giant beer steins.

A dress for dolls.

And a graffiti wall.

And tomorrow I'll show you the cultural highlights of Lucerne.  Aka the weeping lion and the bridge.  Don't go Googling these now.  You'll ruin the worst surprise in the history of surprises.

Until tomorrow. 


T said...

I was so excited to see this title! I loved Lucerne so much and definitely think it's worth visiting more than once. When I was there it was rainy and somewhat miserable (I didn't let that get me down though!) so we just walked around the city for a day and seen what we could find.

I loved the elaborate facades. My favorite was the building just down from the picture you took with what looks like cirque de soleil style clowns. Is it still there?

And anyone who has stood in front of the weeping lion once knows that it is worth going back to. I will leave that for you to explain though!

Ais said...

Hey! I noticed that there is a life size portrait of you and Dan and your future children!!!! Ahaha, totally kidding Cait, those were creepy!

Caitie said...

AISLINN!! I'll get you for that comment when I'm home in October. And you'll be sorry. NO CHOCOLATE FOR YOU!

Ais said...

Ahaha! Yeah right, I will be eating chocolate for weeks, I know it!