Friday, 9 July 2010

The Hood

My beautiful Nikon was returned to me dust free, so last night before dusk settled into the valley, Dan and I went on a stroll through the neighbourhood so I could take pictures.  I'd been going through withdrawals.

Here's the area where I live, in all its agricultural glory.

Start of the stroll

Two trees I really like--there's a bench between them you can sit on

Patchwork of green

My Swiss at the fork in the road--do we walk by the corn, or the corn?

Another tree. 
Though this shot is probably all sorts of technically wrong, I like it.

Here's the thing, even though my friend Thriza paid me a nice compliment a few posts back that I'd have to teach her a few things about her camera, I actually hardly remember anything about manually setting up a shot even though I took a photography course in university--not one of my best grades either (in my final review, the professor said my pictures were all a clich√©.  Ah university, pretension at its finest).  I really like taking pictures though, my camera is always on me, but I'm not out to be a superstar trying to tame the photography beast through crafty f-stop and ISO settings. I keep my camera set to P because it usually gives great exposure, and then I take all the credit.  But shhh, don't tell anyone.

Cow!  Ahh, the walk is complete.

I want to go to the party


A weathered house resting on gnarled fingers

Tractor wars. 
I need to watch Footloose. 
 Meg, Ais--catch the next plane and let's watch movies.

Wooly Mammoths

Apartment dwellers.

That's my bus, this isn't my bus stop.  I don't have sheep at my stop, I have cows. 

Fireman saving a house-barn that wasn't on fire.  So I guess they weren't saving it.
Maybe they were just bored and decided to park the truck and play with the mechanical ladder.
  I would.

Let's end things with another shot of the cow.  Because she's pretty.

Have a great weekend everyone! Maybe go out and explore your own hood.


Dad said...

Cait - Wasn't there a bench under those two trees, a bench where you happened to meet all those baby spiders?? :-)

Caitie said...

haha, no luckily I haven't met any baby spiders at that bench. We were in a village called Oberbalm when I had that unfortunate encounter!

T said...

Your hood is so much more picture worthy than mine!

Even if you are unaware of it I think you must have some true talent with how you choose to set up your pictures Caitie. I have played around with my f-stops and ISOs but still find it easier to just rely on the P setting as well! Either way your pictures definitely inspire me to get back into photography :)