Thursday, 17 June 2010

Whimsy and Charm

Remember when I did this post and this post about my strange encounters with the socially inept?  My close call with a creep?  Well I fear that today I myself might have become...(gulp)...a bit of a creep.

No!  It pains me to even write that!

It all started out innocently enough when I went for an afternoon stroll.  You see, after I returned home this afternoon from my meeting with a lady from the local community centre, my brain was buzzing with Switzerland information overload.  I had to clear some space for more important thoughts like "What kind of shoes should I buy on Saturday?" so I decided to go for a walk.

As I meandered along, I spotted this wrought iron gate.

Which belonged to this house.

How many Swiss Francs do I need to save to buy thee, house?

I started drooling like a baby, and decided I. Must. See. More. 

And you know what that entailed don't you?  Slinking around the perimeter of their property like some sneaky little thief casing the joint!

Ah!  Could I have been any creepier?  I literally tiptoed around their garden walls, sticking my camera through gaps in the bushes to get shots. 

But look you guys, look what I saw!

I live at Number 1, Overgrown Garden Crescent, in the kingdom of Whimsy

Can you see it, hidden in there? This was a little tiny house.  At one point in its life, this was most definitely a chid's play house.  When I *ahem* cleared away some bushes *ahem* from the right of the above pictured gate, I could see that the little play house had a small porch on the back, and it had a whole wall of windows along one side.  There were stacks and stacks of storage bins lining the windows, so this little garden hut now appears to serve a most depressing utilitarian purpose. 

I want this garden hut!

I could hear voices coming from somewhere on the property, but I couldn't see anyone so hopefully they couldn't see me! 

As I creeped around some more, I found this charming entrance to the side of their house.

Doesn't this scream CHARMING!

I mean come on!  There is a blue porch door.  There is the statue of a lion.  I spy a cloudy crystal ball, red crocs, and wellies.

I would love to walk through that blue door.

I continued to peek over walls and through hedges; I saw that they had a herd of four goats, they had a huge supply of fire wood, there was an outdoor eating nook, and there was this:

Do you spy the regal pony?

And as I considered what a creepy little paparazzi I was turning into, I thought maybe the eccentrics (the artists) that lived behind these garden walls wouldn't mind.

Whose face is that?

After all, they seem a bit creepy too.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, it is nice there Cait. How lucky you are :-)

Ais said...

Youre such a creep! I always knew it. Thats an awesome house though. I like the masks on the wheel.

T said...

Love the blue door and artsy wheel :) It would definitely be creepy to look out your window and see some random taking pictures (I've done it too though so you're not alone!)

Caitie said...

I am a creepy random!

Virginia said...

What a great house! And I love your caption: I live at Number 1, Overgrown Garden Crescent, in the kingdom of Whimsy. :-)