Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Sometimes you wake up and it's just...Wednesday.  Or Mittwoch, if you happen to be in Switzerland.

And when you roll up your shutters and look out your window you think, "What's the deal Wednesday?  Do you have to be so depressing?"

As you stare out at the rainy day, you gingerly poke and prod at your neck, and wonder where you went sleep walking last night because it feels like you swallowed two ping pong balls and they have become lodged in your throat. 

Then you sit around and drink some tea that is heavily laced with honey, and think it's probably not a good idea to go on a lengthy walk.

Is that how your Wednesday is progressing so far?  I bet you'd never guess that's how MY Wednesday is going so far.

But Dan came to my rescue and he agreed to meet me on his lunch hour so we could go pick up a few groceries and he'd help me pack the heavier ones home.  Isn't he a peach?

And since I feel like I can't even swallow water, my shopping trip focused heavily on items that don't need to be chewed.  Things you can just mush around in your mouth.  Things you can just...oh, you get the picture.

In my time visiting Swiss grocery stores, I have discovered that Joghurt is a big deal.  There is a lot of variety, and I'm slowly working my through them all.  It's a hard job promoting yourself as official Yoghurt Quality Control, but it is a job that needs to be done!

Here's the yoghurt we bought on this trip:

Class of 2010

Let's meet the graduates shall we?

Mocha is a serious artist, and is tired of never being taken seriously as a breakfast food. 
He wants people to know, "I'm not just for dessert!"
His future goal is to discuss the problem of coffee breath through interpretive dance.

Blueberry is tired of always being overlooked for her flashy classmate Raspberry.
She wants people to know, "Blueberry is better!"
Her future goal is to show everyone that Raspberry peaked in high school, while she went on to be the number one antioxidant in the fight against cancer.  That will teach 'em!

Chocolate is too busy being the life of the party to care about much else.
He already knows people think he's awesome.
His future goal is to continue being awesome.

Despite her bright colour, Blood Orange is (by virtue of her name) a bit of a goth.
She wants people to know, "Names can be deceiving."
Her future goal is too complicated for us to understand, so she's not even going to waste her time.

Muesli is the healthy hippy who is out picketing McDonald's at lunch time.
She wants people to know, "Grains are Great!"
Her future goal is to hug a tree and save a snail.

So that is the Class of 2010 that have graduated to my fridge this week. 

We also bought some strawberries, and the only reason I'm telling you about the strawberries is because they look pretty.

Picked fresh from the field this morning.

These will go great over the vanilla ice cream I'm having for dinner...I mean, dessert.

And you know what?  Even though the day is cold and the rain is miserable, I got home with all my tasty groceries, and looked out my window at the flowers we have managed to keep alive for four days, and thought that when looking at bright colours like these:

It's kind of hard to let the weather get you down.  So thanks for the day Wednesday!

And also for showing me that it is quite possible I might have just a touch too much time on my hands.


mom said...

Gosh, who knew that yogurt could be so tantalizing. It is nice here today Cait. Hope you are feeling better.

Caitie said...

Yeah, sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the little things ;-) Especially if it's raining and cold outside. Glad it's finally nice there mom.

Ais said...

Hmmmmm, what did I do today, let's see.......WENT TO WORK! Damn you for pondering life over a cup of tea :( But the yogurt series was pretty cute! Its supposed to be a nice weekend here, so fingers crossed!

Caitie said...

haha sucks to be you ;-) Just kidding! When you come visit we can sit together with a cup of tea, stare at the forest, and ponder life together. Sound good?

moi said...

Yup, I can hardly wait to see you :-)

seekeroftruth said...

Wow! love it!!!!