Monday, 28 June 2010

The Walk

Why did I have to turn my boring walk into some sort of thrilling two part event?  Why couldn't I have just said something like: "Went for a walk.  Here's the pictures.  The End."

But no, I had to be all 'stay tuned for the pictures' quite possibly leading you all to believe that I had maybe encountered a pot of gold, or tripped over the Matterhorn, or discovered a fountain that only pumped pure dark chocolate. 

I can't be trusted.

I love taking pictures, and digital photography is so amazing that it allows you to see your picture the moment it's taken.  But I don't really use the play-back function when I'm out exploring, so I might as well be using a primitive film camera.

(Side note: can anyone BELIEVE we used to use film to take pictures!)

This becomes problematic when you're sitting on the train after a long and tiring hike, and are skimming through your pictures thinking: "These are crap.  Utter crap.  Why didn't I look at these as I was taking the pictures?  You are a fool.  A primitive fool."

So then you set out on adventure number two, intent on getting better pictures.  Because the sun is shining and you've skimmed through a couple of shots, you think you have taken a lot better photos.  So then you sit down and write a blog post all about how wonderful the pictures are.  Then you really, really, look at the pictures.

"These are crap.  Utter crap.  Why didn't I look at these as I was taking the pictures? You are a fool.  A primitive fool."

So I have basically been gnashing my teeth since Saturday, cursing myself for leading up to something that is possibly very underwhelming.  I have to keep my readers entertained!  All four of them!

(Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Ais! Hi Thriza!) 

Basically it's my same old problem that everything looks better in real life than in my pictures.  But hey, you don't know what it looks like in real life so maybe you'll find the following interesting?

If not, I promise never to toy with your emotions again.  Until the next time I do.  

Basically what I'm trying to say is I went for a walk.  Here are the pictures. 

The bend in the road, past the riding stable.

I imagined living in this glen, and hosting Christmas sledding parties.

Best driveway in the world!

Here's one of the mini-goats. I know he doesn't look mini, but he is.

Just take my word for it!  They were mini!

Lambchops!  Squint, you can see them in the distance.

What's a walk without flowers?

And fuzzy caterpillars.

Queen of hearts.

Dividing lines.

A bee house.  Which is to say, a house for bees.

Hey bees, let's make honey today! 
Yah!  Great idea.  Let's get bee-sy!
(Those are bees, in case you can't tell)

This is a house-barn.  That's a real thing in Switzerland.
Let's get a closer look....

The front of these are people's homes, and the barns are attached to the back.
You will see these structures on nearly every farm you come across.
A house-barn: now you're in the know.

Another house-barn.

The road is looonnnggg.....(that's to be read to the tune of that song, FYI)

An abandoned house-barn, that actually isn't abondaned because people live there.
They just don't take proper care of it.
I'll rescue you, house-barn. Just promise no ghosts are rattling around your attic, or your barn.

More of the same flowers, just for some variety.

Hi! I'm a horse!  Who are you?

Please don't feed me....

I'm capable of doing that myself.

And yonder is another farm...

And another farm, with another house-barn.

Pardon the off-centre composition, I was trying not to get hit by a garbage truck.

I'm thirsty.

Don't mind my freckled arm...I try not to.

Shooting range!  Everyone grab yer guns!
The little tiny white flecks in the background are the targets, I hope.
Otherwise...RUN COWS, RUN!

Can I come here in the winter, and eat cheese fondue bitte?

Make hay while the sun shines.

I walked through someone's property, and they didn't set their Pitbull or Jack Russell Terrier on me.
That's how you know you're in Switzerland.

Well, that and they still use witch brooms to do their sweeping.

[insert comment idea here]


The giving tree.

More variety.

More mini-goats.

(I promise, they are actually mini!)



mom said...

Really nice pictures Cait, they were worth the wait :-)

Dad said...

How interesting that people have the barn attached to the house. Very convenient for those early morning milkings, mucking out the stalls, etc. You don't have to cross the barnyard in inclement weather. But, what kind of smells would the house have? Very interesting ones I'll bet. In the last picture, it looks like the farmer has put a board up to protect the side of the building from the goats chewing it. And are those wood chips all around the goats? They say that a goat will eat anything. Love the pictures Cait.

T said...

Hey those are not bad pictures at all! I love the water fountain and the mini billy-goat near the top.

Also I am sure you have more than 4 readers! Maybe they're just shy of commenting. I showed your blog to my sister last week and she couldn't stop laughing; she loves your sense of humour.

- Thriza

Meghan said...

Well well. Not included as one of your followers am I!!! Hmph! (that's me crossing my arms and trying to look like a 4 year old that didn't get his way). Well then...

Like the pictures. Very pretty day with lots to see. I especially love the mini-goats (I'll take your word that they're actually mini).

Bye for now.


Ais said...

Aw, sweet little mini goats. I wonder if they sleep in mini beds in the house barn and eat mini pieces of food! Lol. I liked the pictures, very scenic!