Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Secret Garden

There's nothing 'secret' about the Swiss gardens.  Everywhere you look, the backyard jungles are a dense tangle of  colour that is climbing fences and spilling wildly onto the streets and sidewalks.

The bees hurry from bloom to bloom, roses leak with a rich perfume, and you wonder if you've ever really seen so many flowers all at once.

Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Today I slept in a teensy tiny bit late (oh okay, it was embarrassingly late when I woke up), so I immediately got dressed, grabbed my camera, and rushed outside to enjoy the sunshine that my overly efficient shutters had prevented from getting into my dark bedroom.

As I was walking around it was hard not to notice the flowers.  They're everywhere!  They're wild in fields, they're wild in gardens, and they wildly brighten up windows.  Everywhere, the flowers are in bloom.

Since I currently have time to "stop and smell the roses", I thought why not just do that?  With no particular destination in mind, I decided to slow my pace and enjoy taking pictures of the garden's paint palette.

With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.

The blousy wild roses

Poppy seeds

Fiercesome dogs have their own flower patch to protect

A meadow of daisies, waiting to be strung

As a person who has killed both cacti and bamboo, I appreciate the devotion and success of all green thumbs.

My favourite! My favourite!  Of all my favourites.

These remind me of my grandpa.  He was a wonderful gardner.

I carried pink peonies in my wedding bouqet.  And explosion of petals to match an explosion of happiness.

Mr. Bee, your table isn't quite ready yet

Don't pansies look like the trouble makers of the garden?

Not a particularly original shot, but it's still pretty

So not to sound trite, or have you roll your eyes and think "some of us have jobs", but have you stopped to admire the flowers in your neighbourhood?  You haven't?  Well shoo, out with you.  Out you go.  Get out there.  You'll thank me tomorrow.

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other. ~ Chinese Proverb


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Cait, the pictures are lovely. I can hardly wait each day until you put your blog up so I can read it.


T said...

I want to see a meadow of daisies! I am also a member of the "cacti & bamboo killing club" but I still try once a year to grow has become a life long project I think though :(

Your pictures are very inspiring Caitie, I am definitely going to get out and smell some roses more often :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pic's Cait and I liked the comment about your grandad :-)


Caitie said...

I hear you Thriza. I can't keep anything alive! In fact, I often would think about the bamboo, "I probably should water this, but it's still green..." Almost like I was testing it's resiliance! How long can it go!

Thanks for the compliment mom :-)

And Dad, you should have seen these gardens. Day-Day would have been leaning over the fence, picking the brains of these gardners and exchanging tips. I

nan said...

Hi Cait,how you doing?

Caitie said...

Hi Nan!

Doing good. Did you get my email?