Tuesday, 15 June 2010


So, my brush with Arachnophobia aside, our Sunday in Oberbalm was quite nice.

The original plan for Sunday was to get into the mountains and go for a hike, but the sun decided to hide behind some clouds, which clouds decided to become rain clouds, which rain clouds had the audacity to produce actual RAIN, so a hike in the mountains wasn't really in the cards.

Rain drops keep falling on my head, keep falling on my head.

We decided to stick a little closer to civilization, which in Switzerland isn't actually that hard to do.  In fact, I challenge to you to find a spot in this pretty country where there is no foot-step of man.  Go ahead, I'll wait here munching on chocolate while you attempt this impossible task.

Dan did a little computer research and decided that Oberbalm would be a cool place to visit, because it was the site of religious pilgrimages.  The church, St. Sulpitius Church, is apparently quite famous and boasts frescos dating back from 1470.

Also, the community is classified as 'agricultural' which means I'd get my cow fix. This was a win-win.

It was a Sunday, so we knew we'd be able to get in and check out the famous church with it's ancient artwork.

St. Sulpitius Church

Isn't it pretty on the outside?  I wish I could tell you the inside was just as fabulous, but it was closed!  Ah, no.  According to the little handwritten note on the door, the church was temporarily closed for renovations to the organ. 

We couldn't go inside, so we quietly walked the pathways of the church's grounds. 

"We can share a pew, me and you."

(Quoted from the BEST movie EVER!)

Ancient steps, with ancient stories.

After seeing all there was to see at the church, we stepped out in the village to see what was going on in Oberbalm on a Sunday.

Not much. 

But to be fair to Oberbalm, not much happens anywhere in Switzerland on Sundays.  Most places are closed, with the exception of restaurants.

So we continued our walk to see what village life in Oberbalm would 'look' like if we lived there. 

It looks like a slug, out for a Sunday stroll

It looks like a deceiving tree you want to sit under, but really shouldn't

It looks like a hawk, collecting grass to build a nest

It looks like bright farm houses, you want to call home

It looks like white ducks, sharing their ponds with freaky-sized fish.

Get out Duck!  Get out!

(It should be noted for the record I asked The Swiss if "the fish would eat the duck?" He gave me a look, but refused to answer.  I think the fish could eat the duck.  Appears like it might have already eaten one or two, actually.)

Finally, it looks like a cold beer with your favourite Swiss.

I'll be back Oberbalm, I'll be back.  But just make sure that church is open when I return.  I need to see some ancient frescos, yo. And get all schooled and knowledgeable and stuff.


Ais said...

Really pretty pics! I really love the one of the stone stairs in the grass!

Meghan said...

Ha! I loved this post! So beautiful. That fish was freakishly large it looked like a cat fish almost. Sounds like you had a fabulous sunday. If you take me there when I come and visit maybe we will share a pew me and you.

Too da loo.

Meghan said...

for the record i meant to fish was freakishly large for the pond, not the world. I never explain myself properly......

Ais said...

Ahahaha, Meg! I better be able to share the pew with you two...too da loo!

Caitie said...

"The fish was too large for the pond, not the world..." hahahahaha! That was So funny Meg!

And too da loo, well, same to you.