Friday, 4 June 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye

A few things I saw today:

(1) A petulant child who was at least five years old, rip the pacifier from her mouth, bark an order at her mother, and ram the soother back in.

(2) A blind lady on the bus who smiled everytime the baby behind her burst into ecstatic giggles.

(3) Horse "chips" at the local Migros (looked like beef jerky, but in the shape of a potato chip, but made out of horse--bleh!).

(4) A black bird with a yellow beak, roosting on a bush of pink peonies.  The darn bird was too fast for my shutter though.

(5) A pastoral paradise discovered on an evening walk through our surrounding neighbourhood.

Finally, I'll conclude this by saying "Cosmo, we're not in Canada anymore."  Dan got a haircut today, and after he paid and we were getting ready to leave, the girl handed us two cans of beer.  At 10:30 in the morning, Dan's hairdresser gave us each a can of beer.  And no, he doesn't get his hair cut in a pub.  Strange.

We will use the beer to drown our sorrows, since we sold our souls to Ikea today.   But hey, at least in three weeks time we'll have some furniture and a place to hang our clothes!

(Dan calculated that it was actually cheaper to buy living room furniture, and some bedroom furniture, here rather than ship over what we already had.  Turns out he was right!  Still didn't make the bill any easier to swallow.  But my BLUE dresser will soften the blow when it gets here.  Can't wait!)

We are going hiking tomorrow, and the weather forecast promises to be beautiful.  Hopefully photo opportunities abound!


T said...

Your pictures are amazing Caitie! The first one made me want to be out of Kamloops right this minute. It looks so quiet (as I hear cars zooming by outside my window). I'm curious about the blue dresser!

- Thriza

deb said...

It looks beautiful there Cait, can hardly wait to come and see you, Dan, Cosmo and Poppy.