Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Knew It!

Bear with me people, I need to document something.  And that 'something' is my cats.

No readers (that includes Meg! Hey sis!) don't click away! I have pictures and everything!

I promise to resume my regularly scheduled Swiss blogging tomorrow (or maybe the day after).  I've been adventuring, I really have things to say!

But for tonight--the following must be noted.

This morning I moved one of our trusty new Ikea chairs to the balcony, because the plan was to sit out there and do a bit of typing. 

I heaved the beast outside, mopped the sweat from my brow, and decided it was time to take a yoghurt break. 

When I returned, my seat was occupied.

I'm busy sleepin', get lost until I call you.

Unacceptable!  So I quietly left the deck to let him slumber in peace.  Please don't judge my choice.  It's just, when he's awake he's loud.  Like, all the time.  And when he sleeps, he's quiet.  Quiet like a little mouse that's actually a cat. 

Wait. Why am I defending myself?!  I will say it proudly:  I let my cat have the chair!

After his fifteen minute power nap, Cosmo vacated the chair and started crying: "I hate my life!--ooo, a bug---life sucks!---ooo, a bug---give me treats!---ooo, a bug."  And by the time he discovered fly number three, he was sufficiently occupied and I was free to sit in the chair.

But after I'd been sitting for a few minutes, I got thirsty.  SO THIRSTY!  I could only think about water!  But I didn't want to leave the chair.  But my mouth felt like I'd licked the desert. Must. Get. Water.

When I returned, my seat was occupied.

Please leave.  I have an appointment with The Sandman in two minutes for my mid-morning, quarterly, third time today, nap.  I'd appreciate it if you weren't around.

Unacceptable!  So I quietly left the deck so she could slumber in peace.  Please don't judge me.  It's just, I mean, look at her.  She's so cute and sweet.  She's like what I always imagined a cat should be like: quiet and agile.

Wait.  Why am I defending myself?! I will say it proudly: (for the second time in one morning) I let my cat have the chair!

Basically what you all need to know, is it was a veritable game of musical chair at my house this morning, and the music hardly ever stopped on me.  Instead I got to witness the cat fight of the century when Cosmo decided he wanted the red chair, and Poppy said: "No friggin' way you delinquent!  This chair is mine!"

Hiss, scratch, MEOW, fur flying.

Both injured parties retreated, and I finally got the chair all to myself.  Then Dan came home for lunch, we ate, and I left the apartment to go on an adventure (I'll blog about it! Promise!).

When I got home, Cosmo had reclaimed the chair again and Poppy was sitting at the opposite end of the deck, looking put out.

"You guys really do like each other?  Right?  Sometimes? Maybe?  PLEASE."

And this evening, I got all the proof I needed that they were listening to my desperate wailing.

They're sharing!  Oh, it's sweet.

We love each other!
(sometimes....hardly ever....whatevs, just appreciate the moment)

I knew it!  I knew you (sometimes, hardly ever) liked each other!

So when the evening sun set tonight, guess who got a front row seat?  Not me.

And yes, since you're all wondering, of course Dan and I knew that when we bought the Ikea furniture it would only be for our conditional use. 

The condition being we can sit on it when the cats don't want to use it. That's in the cat owner's manual by the way, right next to: "bend to my will human or I will cut you."

Everyone go out and adopt a kitten.  You know you want to.


Meghan said...

Awww. You should leave that chair outside! They love it:)

mom said...

Those cats Cait! They look very at home on your new chair :-)

T said...

I agree with Meghan, you definitely need to leave a chair outside!

Ais said...

The last picture is my favourite. Poppy looks so sweet