Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hot or Not?

No, no, I'm not asking you to judge me because I think we all know the obvious answer to THAT question.  Am I right!  Am I right!

(dead air)

I'm uncomfortable now.  Let's stop talking about me.

Instead let's talk about the street festival that Dan and I went to on Saturday night.  It was taking place in Lyss, and the only reason we decided to go is because Dan's friend and her boyfriend were bartending.

And they were mixing drinks with dry ice!  Oh yes. Attending this street festival definitely needed to happen, because I needed to get a dragon shot of myself with that thick foggy smoke curling out of my nose--like I'd just breathed fire or something!  I was majorly thrilled about this idea, and packed the camera.

However, we didn't pack the flyer telling us the exact location of where Gabby would be mixing said drinks.


It honestly didn't occur to us that we would have a hard time finding a booze tent that was mixing dry ice drinks at a street (as in singular) festival.

We thought wrong.  This was one big event, and we could not track her down.  Nor did we see anyone carrying around smoking drinks.

Le sigh.

But we made the most out of it and checked out every single vendor stall, sampled a variety of drinks and beers, ate good food, and watched people get sick on the rides.  Now would be the part where you probably expect some photo documentation of the vendor stall that only sold t-shirts with menacing wolves on the front (which wolves had the shadow of the American flag in their eyes), or the spinning bumper cars, or the Greek food cart that sold the largest donair burger in the history of the world, or the beer tent where Dan sat to consume said donair burger whilst I picked on my fries and sipped my beers like a lady. 

You're not getting pictures of any of that, because I was too busy documenting a much more important subject matter: skirts/dresses/shorts worn with mid-calf leggings.

Exhibit A:

I draw your attention to the lady in red

The above picture shows a dress that is clearly an appropriate length to be worn without the need for capri leggings.  What sets this lady apart from the pictures to follow, is that her capri leggings/tights/thing-a-ma-jigs are white.  This is rare to see with this particular trend, so points to this lady for trying to make this unnecessary trend her own.

But we are going to immediately deduct all the points because she followed the trend in the first place.

This brings me to my next point: this trend knows no age boundaries, nor does it discriminate in the department of skirts/shorts/dresses to be worn with said leggings. Apparently, all work.

Exhibit B.




I will interject here to say that the shots are blurry because I was hurriedly trying to snap these candids.  You see, everyone else was merrily wandering around drunk and happy and not carrying cameras.  As a result, they stared at me with a lot of suspicion.  And rightly so.

Moving on.  The above pictures show the three ways this look is worn. And again (though shorts are a question mark these days--who can tell really?) all the above girls were wearing dresses/shorts/skirts of an appropriate length. 

The leggings aren't there for modesty because hello, this is Europe: there are nudey commercials on t.v. and people sunbath topless at public beaches.  Modesty isn't an issue around here.

Is this trend only happening around Bern?  Is it all over Switzerland?  Is it all across Europe? I need answers to these questions!

Finally, I will admit to cringing whenever I see this capri legging trend when it's worn with skits/dresses/shorts of appropriate lengths, but when these are worn with one particular skirt, I have to cover my eyes.  I was worried I wasn't going to be able to document this for you, but a girl in Bern came to my rescue yesterday.

Exhibit C.   The worst offending skirt to be worn with the leggings:

The ruffle skirt!!

I am just so puzzled by this trend. Especially since it is summer, and it is humid here. So that extra covering on the legs seems so unnecessary and uncomfortably hot.  Also, these girls are messing with their tans!

Disclaimer: If you are an advocate for this trend, or are the person who pioneered it in the first place please take note I am not fashion savvy.  I wear clothes, and sometimes things even match.  One time I had a really bad mushroom haircut.  What I'm saying is, I don't get fashion so don't come after me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go walk the streets of Bern in my bunny slippers.


T said...

hahaha, that's terrible! I have to say that while i am not a fan of any of the exhibits you have shown here, I do like the look when it's worn properly in certain places. I can't imagine wearing it out in the hot summer though! I agree that those are going to be some nasty tans to get rid of too.

Cheryl in Saskatchewan said...

First time commenter- love your blog! Your photos are amazing.
My daughter (23) bought a cute summery dress and the short leggings with it and I thought she looked really cute. I am not fashion savvy either, but did kind of like this look on her. I agree that the leggings are just not necessary with the shorts - cannot imagine that would be comfortable at all.

Caitie said...

Hello Cheryl, fellow Canadian!

I agree, the shorts are the biggest puzzle of the whole trend.

A confusing puzzle too, almost like a 10,000 piece puzzle of a green grass meadow, where you try to mash pieces together that don't fit while crying in your head THEY DON'T BELONG TOGETHER, BUT I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Thanks for reading :-)

M'dame Jo said...

Hey, I'm Swiss and I've worn capri leggings under skirts way before it was trendy, simply because it's really convenient. I bike, so I can wear skirt without showing my panties or risking chafing and mostly because I don't like the feeling of thighs touching. So, well, I'm biased, but I like this trend. It allows me to buy plenty of cheap capri legging at H&M for the next years :)

I don't like long leggings, though. It makes one look like a midget with no legs.

Caitie said...

Thanks for the comment M'dame Jo!

The practicality behind the trend did not factor into my slightly drunken observations on Saturday (they were mixing some darn good mojitos in Lyss).

And your comment about the long leggings made me laugh!

Thanks for reading :-)

Ais said...

Hey Cait! People here have been wearing those leggings for a little while I think. I saw some today! I guess they would be convenient for biking etc.. as mentioned above. I'm not a fan though! It looks like too many clothes at once haha! Looks like an awesome festival though! Too bad you couldnt find the drinks with the dry ice, I would have loved to see the "dragon" picture of you lol

"OB" said...

hey Caitie ... if only I'd known I wouldn't have thrown all of those nasty looking leggings out ... ya, they're from the 80's!

M'dame Jo said...

Ais > yes, it's came back in style about 5 years ago, but it wasn't as common as this summer.

OB > Eeeeeeeew, thanks for the thought! I was a kid in the late 80's and I was wearing leggings a lot. I had two pairs I adored. A shiny pink one and a shiny purple one. Very shiny. Very unflattering. I'd look like an obese midget with no legs, with my 80's leggings.