Saturday, 26 June 2010

Don't You Just Hate a Cliffhanger?

Everyday I like to go on a huge hike to explore my new neighbourhood, village, and nearby city.  I am learning so much about this country and society, just by walking its sidewalks and wanderwegs. 

I am honestly shocking myself, with how much I crave my daily walk. 

Now, I wouldn't say I was lazy when I lived in British Columbia.  Well, yeah I was probably lazy.  And my excuse always was but it's too far to drive to get anywhere decent.  I don't want to hike in the pine-beetle destroyed park.  I want to hike somewhere pretty.  Waaa.  I'm a baby.

Sure I would go on nightly walks around my subdivision, but 'yawn' it gets old fast being barked at by the same dog, and avoiding eye contact with the same group of white-suburban-wish-I-lived-in-the-ghetto-so-I-could-shank-a-rival-gang-member-and-prove-how-much-f*cking-street-cred-I-have-oh-crap-gotta-go-home-mom's-making-meatloaf-later-mo-fo-teens who hung around in the park, smoking weed and swearing for the sheer sake of turning the air blue.

Here I have absolutely no excuse for not getting out into nature, because it is simply everywhere.  Kind of like Christmas, in Love Actually.

I feel it in my fingers,
I feel it in my toes,
Nature is all around me,
And so the trees sure grow.

It's written in the wind,
It's everywhere I go,
So if you really love Nature,
Come on and let it....

Eh, that's all I've got.  Basically what I'm trying to say is I really dig how accessible getting into the outdoors is here.

Two weeks ago I went for a walk, and followed this road that promised to take me by a riding school. My brain sounded like a five year old's: horses, horses, ponies, ponies, I love horsies, I love ponies. Weee!

But the highlight ended up not being the riding school, and instead the road beyond the school that was canopied by trees and twisted off into the horizon, leaving you wondering what was around the bend. 

This was around the bend.

As usual, the picture doesn't do justice to what I saw.  But you need to believe me when I say I was punched in the face with Nature's beauty, and could hardly breathe so overcome was I with excitement over where this road would go.

But, I haven't quite figured out the Post Bus and Bern Mobile and Train Station ticketing methods, and what tickets I buy with the transit pass I have. So not knowing where the road went, meant I didn't know how to get home.  So I resisted walking the road, and opted to wait for the weekend when I could take The Swiss and show him what I found.

(Umm...never mind that people actually live along this road...I found it!)

So last Sunday The Swiss put on his running shoes under false pretenses because I just wanted to show him something super quick.

He wasn't in the mood for going on a Caitie Hike, so I couldn't very well tell the truth could I?!

Anyhow, I took him back and we started to walk the road and I was floored with how gorgeous it was.  And as we kept walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, The Swiss at one point stopped and said, Hey, what do you even want to show me anyhow?  We've been walking awhile.

Oh, hahhaha (nervous laughter) about that.  Yeah, pretty much just wanted to show you this awesome road with the kick-ass scenery.  Let's keep going.

Then The Swiss looked around in panic.  We've been walking for over an hour.


I haven't seen a single bus stop.

Me neither.

Oh my god, we are so REMOTE right now.  Our only way out is to walk!

The thing you need to know about Switzerland is that public transit is absolutely everywhere.  If you live in a corner of this country that the bus doesn't stop at, you're bushed. You might as well be using smoke signals and tin cans to communicate with the outside world, because you live smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Never mind the fact that by car you probably have a 1/2 hour drive MAX to the nearest bus stop.  The fact you actually need a car is proof enough that you are living in a (beautiful, gorgeous, scenic) wasteland. 

Don't expect people to come visit you.

Basically though, after The Swiss realized I'd tricked him into going on a walk that was (unknowingly) through some remote countryside, he wasn't really that pissed because honestly, the scenery was TOO beautiful.

But the weather was horrible, and it started to rain on us.  And whoops!  That's right, not a GD bus stop for miles.

But no road leads to nowhere (unless it's a dead end, in which case I guess it really does lead to nowhere so probably just ignore what I said earlier) and we eventually came out into a village.  A village that had buses AND trains. 

Whew, civilization.

As we sat on the train, getting shuttled back into Bern, I looked through the pictures on my camera and realized they weren't that great because of how crummy the weather was.  So I vowed to do that walk again when the sun shone, since now I knew where the road lead and how to get home.

The sun shone on Thursday, so I packed up my backpack, grabbed my camera, and I walked the road again.

Stay tuned for a post devoted only to the photos I took. 

There were mini-goats, and some of the mini-goats had babies.  Those baby mini-goats were smaller than Cosmo.  I almost fell into a sugar-coma because of how sweet the baby goats were.  But I actually couldn't get a good picture of the babies, so sorry about getting your hopes up.

But the other pictures are nice. 

You'll see.


T said...

You have me itching to go for a hike somewhere pretty now! Damn pine beetles! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Thanks to you I will be checking your blog all day to see if they are there. I'm putting mini-goats on my "Must see!" list for when I go back there!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I came here via From My Swiss window... all I can say is wow, what a move.. Canada to Switzerland.. If my husband came home and told me I was moving to Mainland Europe I would be jumping for joy.. :-)

Caitie said...

Thanks Anne! It's like you peered in our windows when it was decided we were moving! There was most definitely a lot of jumping for joy. Followed by a trip to the ER for shortness of breath when the tickets were actually booked ;-) If you've never been here, Switzerland is worth a visit. It's gorgeous.

Ais said...

Well hello. If you ask me, The Swiss seems to be getting a tad lazy. Walking for an hour? Thats like a walk around the subdivision. Sheesh! Lol, jk Dan!!! You'll still let me stay with you when I come visit right?.......right?