Thursday, 24 June 2010

Deep Thoughts

What could I be thinking?

This mannequin appears to be in deep concentration. 

Here's what I think she's thinking:

It's two o'clock in the afternoon.  How embarrassing to still be in my pajamas! 

But wait. Where am I? And where did all these empty bottles of wine come from?  And the flowers?

Oh man, I can't remember ANYTHING from last night. My last memory was of dissing Mannequin Julie because she was trying to steal my man(nequin).  I think I called her out for being fake and dead in the eyes.

But I have such a headache.  I must have drank all this wine, but it was so sweet for my man(nequin) to give me flowers.  Where is he tho-....

HOLY CRAP!  People are looking at me!  Am I in a glass box, on the streets of Bern?! 

Mannequin Julie is DEAD!  And oh Lord, are there...curlers in my hair?  Now everyone will know that I don't have naturally wavy hair! 

Okay, play it cool.  Just play it cool.  Pretend you want to be this in box.  You are supposed to be in this box.

Shit, how do I pull that off?

I know, I'll put one hand to my chin and stare into the distance.  Everyone will marvel at how intensely I can concentrate.  They will walk on by and not even notice me.

Who would notice a mannequin in a glass box, wearing pajamas, hair curlers, and surrounded by empty wine bottles stuffed with flowers?

Nobody, that's who. 

Good plan Self, good plan. 

Now, I should probably look like I'm trying to solve world hunger or something....


Ais said...

Haha, where was this window display at? Was it in front of a store?

Ais said... fact, this looks quite like me in the morning before work. Contemplating life surrounded by empty booze bottles with curlers in my hair.

Caitie said...

Yes, I instantly thought of you and that time you found yourself in the school trophy case that night after prom....

jk everyone who doesn't know Ais!