Friday, 11 June 2010

The Dairy Queen

I sort of have a thing for Swiss cows, and I can't really explain it.  Basically, whenever I see a Swiss cow (as in, everytime) I take its picture.  Just about every cow I've come across, I have a picture of.

Here's a small sampling of my love for these alpine bovines.

Cow as Art

Everyone snaps in appreciation of this nouveau moo-vement.

 (Oh, who could resist the pun! Not you.)

Ladies the scenery is so blasé, let's rest.

This girl followed us on our hike. The bell is LOUD.

 Once a goat followed us too.  For a concerning amount of time.  That's another story.


Quadruple Sigh.

So as you can see, I have problems.  And I mean, it's not like I've never seen a cow before.  Half my family was and still is, in the agriculture and cattle industry.  Before Switzerland (as in, three weeks ago) I lived in a community surrounded by ranches. I've been stepped on by these beasts of burden.  I've had a manure tail in the FACE (disgusting by the way, absolutely one of the grossest moments of my life).

But the Swiss cow, I just can't get enough of.  They're so charming.  Maybe it's the bell, or maybe it's the fact that they seem to lead a non-commercial existence. Obviously I know this isn't the case, but they spend a lot of time in alpine pastures so life just seems laid back.

But I've seen a person who takes the title of Dairy Queen.  Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Exclamation Point (!)

This is so insane!  She has the cow saddled like a horse, and is jumping it like they're at Spruce Meadows or something.

Is this a thing in Switzerland?  Is there an underground movement to get cows on the show jumping circuit? 

This woman, who is a farmer around Zurich, is officially the coolest lady I've never met.


T said...

This entry reminds me of our last conversation at BP's. There is something very peaceful and beautiful about seeing cows freely roaming around and eating grass. Decieving? I'm curious, but I think I would rather the truth stay in Switzerland so I can just enjoy your pictures :)

If there really is such a thing as cow jumping I need to see it I go there!

T said...

That was supposed to say WHEN I go there!

Caitie said...

It better say WHEN you come here ;-) Yeah, on the surface their lives do seem fairly idyllic. I'll tell you though, I wouldn't want to be pig in Switzerland--that seems to be their staple meat. This Canadian thinks beef is crazy expensive here. And the selection is teeny tiny. So maybe cows sort of are safe? Maybe, sorta. Well, except for the ones I see on the shelves of course.