Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I'm here! I'm here! I made it! 

I woke up at 5:30 on the 31st, and the day got off to rousing start when I sprayed perfume directly into my mouth.  I don't even know how I did that?  But I stumbled my way to the bathroom where I wretched and heaved over the sink, while my Dad laughed at me.

We got the cats loaded up into their carriers, and off we set.  Most of the ride to Vancouver was punctuated with the most sorrowful little cries you ever did hear (from both me and the cats), only to be interrupted by the angriest yowls you would ever want to hear (I did most of the yowling).  Needless to say, the cats weren't really on board for the long car ride.

At the airport I discovered my lone piece of luggage was too big, by 12 kilos.  Gulp. So I had to buy another suitcase and transfer half of the contents from my old suitcase, to the new one.

But as we were getting the luggage, my Dad was paged over the airport intercom system.  He ran to see what was up, and it turns out that Canada's Worst Driver just happened to be patrolling the parkade where our car was parked, and he decided that rather than pull into any one of the acres and acres of EMPTY parking spaces that surrounded my parent's car, he would back into a spot directly beside our car.

Do you see where I'm going with this? 

According to the parkade attendant who witnessed the whole thing, the guy (who was BACKING UP) was doing about 20 km/h when he rammed my parent's vehicle square-on the back fender, which resulted in our car being rammed over a cement barricade.


You should have seen Mom, when she called Dad to figure out what was going on.  Her hands started shaking, her face got stony, and she started ruthlessly deciding what I was and was not taking with me to Switzerland, as she took control of emptying my suitcase.  She was PISSED, and she muttered every conceivable curse and threat against Canada's Worst Driver, finishing off the tirade by declaring: "I wish I was down there right now to give that stupid [BLEEP] a driving lesson he wouldn't forget."

Needless to say, I tried to stay out of Mom's way.

Dad got it handled though, my suitcases got sorted out, and teary good-byes were said at the gate.  Before I knew it, I was buckled into my Edelweiss Air seat and watching the plane taxiing down the runway.  I wish I could say that at this point I was clapping my hands while bouncing giddily in my seat, but basically the only thought running through my head was, "What am I doing?  What am I doing? What am I doing?"

The flight was awesome, and I highly recommend flying Edelweiss.   The food was good, and there was even some steward eye-candy for all the ladies out there who aren't blind.  Gotta love Switzerland--they grow some pretty handsome men!

The only hindrance to the flight was I woke up out of a dead sleep and realized I had forgot to empty one cupboard in the old apartment.  The very cupboard where I kept my SIN card.  The very cupboard the new tenants had likely started to make their own.  Oh shit.  I didn't sleep much for the rest of the flight.

A ten hour plane ride later, I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY saw Dan!  I was pretty much a mess (Again. Are you sensing a pattern here?  I basically can't keep it together anymore) as I dropped cats, luggage, and carry-on at my feet and started crying as I got to hug Dan for the longest hug in the history of hugs.

We took a train and a bus to get home, so it took us about two hours to get from the airport to the apartment, but I'm here!  I'm in the new place, in all it's sparsely furnished glory.

Want to see some pictures?  Sure you do.  I'd be surprised if you even bothered to read what came before the pictures!

Without further ado, Home Sweet Home:

Living Room/Dining Room

View from Balcony



View from Bedroom

I am very excited to be here, if not in major disbelief.  I keep expecting one of my sisters to call me and say, "Okay, I'll be over in twenty minutes so figure out what movie you want to watch." 

But jet lag has caught up with me, and I have to go crash and sleep off the past 'x' months of nervous anxiety and excitement.


Deb said...

Cait, I LOVE your apartment - it is very nice. The kitchen is a little on the small side but that is okay. The views are gorgeous. Dad took the car to Buzz's today and I just saw him drive by so will see what they had to say. Was I really that angry? hmmmm, on second thought, yup, I was :-) So glad that you, Cosmo and Poppy are there safe and sound....now can hardly wait to come for a visit. Lottery ticket purchase, here I come.

love mom

T said...

Love the view from your bedroom! Glad to see that everyone arrived without any major problems!

Ais said...

Nice place! Love the floors, and the views are awesome. Glad that youre there safely and the cats survived the journey in the belly of the plane haha. Cant wait to come and toss my belonging around all over your clean apartment :)