Sunday, 9 May 2010

So it Begins

For awhile now I've been a sneaky little voyeur in the world of blogging. I've hidden behind my computer, armed with my mouse, clicking rapidly through people's words and lives.

Generally, I've loved what I've read.

I've loved the strange intimacy/narcissism that seems to go along with blogging - this online journal you want people to read; it's like leaving your diary open on the bus seat and waiting for the person next to you to start stealing glances.

Now let's face it, the above has totally never happened to me because I don't ride the bus, and I have a good reason - trust me.

It all started (and ended) way back in the winter of '02 when I couldn't afford to insure my car, and my parents behaved most cruelly by not letting me drive their car and flat out refused to act as my personal chauffeurs.

Because I was going to university and had paid good money to be there, I figured I had to keep showing up so the bus was my only option.

The first week and half was really good: I made it to class on time for a change, the bus was already heated when I got on, and I didn't need to pay attention to things like black ice and school children.

But in the words of Nelly Furtado 'all good things come to an end.'

There was this dude who rode the bus who gave off the loudest "I'm a creep, don't come near me" vibe I'd ever encountered. Anyhow, one morning I'm innocently minding my own business cramming in a little Pride & Prejudice for English Lit., when all of  a sudden I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck moving. I shake my head and continue reading...but my hair continues moving - weeiirrrdd.

I turn around and there's the creep with his chin propped up on the back of my seat and he's leaning so far forward he is mere centimeters--CENTIMETERS--from the back of my neck.  I looked at his pimply chin, green eyes, and made a mental note that he was a few hairs short of a uni brow, before he opened his mouth and said: "Your hair smells really good."  Before taking another big WHIFF.

"Oh, thanks.  Ha, ha...umm, I use Dove.  Okay, well.....I'm just gonna move...yeah, so...ha,ha, thaaannnkssss."

Can you believe my first reaction was to THANK him for sniffing my hair!

Anyhow, didn't take me long to prioritize "new shirt....or, save the money for car insurance and stop riding the bus with creepy-hair-sniffing-guy."

Yes, yes, we can all agree it was an isolated incident and I needed to woman-up and get over it.  But whatever, I didn't.

But guys, guess what:  riding the bus instead of driving a car is in my very near future (as in three weeks away!) because we're moving to Switzerland! A country with majestic alpine views, pastoral fields, clanging cowbells, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and extremely efficient and accessible public transit.  Who needs cars?!  Not us!

Who knows if I'll encounter any hair-sniffers, but I promise to tell you about it if I do.

Otherwise friends and family, here's the blog that will keep you in the loop about our Swiss adventure.

Why yes I am the cutest little Pinocchio you ever did see.

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Ais said...

Well, hello miss soon to be Swiss! I laughed so hard when I read about your little bus incident. That is why I also don't ride the bus. Bus snobs unite! I look forward to reading more.....