Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hey, What Do You Know?

About Switzerland.

In pictures, here's what I know about Switzerland:

(1) It's really pretty.

Like, super gorgeous....

 (2) They are sticklers for safety.

What do you mean I can't hike down from the Schilthorn in my Manolo Blahniks? 

What do you mean it's not safe to hike in heels?


But if it is that dangerous, I'm glad they posted this sign.  Otherwise, I would have hiked this terrain in my stilettos for sure.

(3) They are very environmentally conscious.

Your eyes do not deceive you.  This mountain hut is indeed solar powered.   

(4) You can get high enough to touch the sky.

(5) The language is confusing to the English speaker.

Furri Butte.  For real? Sounds uncomfortable.

(6)  It's impossible to get lost.

(7) The hiking is exceptional.

So as you an see, I don't yet know a lot about Switzerland.  Basically I've been a superficial tourist who's only into the pretty mountains and delicious cheese. 

(oh, oh, number 8 is they have AMAZING CHEESE.  I know all the non-cheese lovers out there just read that line and thought That girl needs to get a LIFE.  Cheese.  Who the [bleep] cares about cheese? But seriously, come on.  The most divine comfort food in the world is a pot of molten cheese with a hunk of hearty bread, just waiting to be dipped.  Your ass and hips are screaming "NO! For the love of god step away from the cheese."  But your tastebuds are whispering in your ear, "It tastes so good.  Just eat the whole pot of cheese and that loaf of bread.  Worry about it tomorrow.  Who cares.  Not you. Not right now."  Hmmm....I will definitely need to get a picture of number 8 considering I just devoted an entire parentheses paragraph to the topic.  Or you could just Google it.) 

But come May 31st (OMGonlytwoweeksawaycrazy!!!), I will throw off my tourist sunglasses and don my "I live here now" glasses.  I will be a good little journalist, and tell you all about it. And to be sure I'll have my camera ready, in case I come across some more Furri Butte's or other strange vernacular anomalies.


Anonymous said...

I like it!! Keep up the good work. Marion

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T said...

Yay! I'm so glad you decided to try this out, you're good writer Caitie! I look forward to reading all about your Swiss adventures :)

Side note: I think you missed a valuable photo opportunity as I had a very hard time picturing you with a mushroom cut...


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