Friday, 14 May 2010

Cast of Characters Part Zwei


In between naps and crying at the door, I like to ponder the meaning of life.  For example, an ancient Cosmo-proverb states: Fear not flying from balcony to tree.  Fear the bird that does not welcome your arrival.

The Bio: A little five year old tabby who spent the first six weeks of his life living in the dusty and smelly world of an Alberta feedlot.  My aunt told me about the litter at her work, and how they were already eating solids and were litterbox trained.  Maybe just take a look Cait.  Hmmm....excellent idea, I will take a look.  So my uncle drove me out with my cousin so I could look at the kittens, but let's face it--we all knew I'd be getting one.  I was finally living in an apartment where I could at least sneak in a cat without anyone seeing, so I didn't think twice about taking him back over the Rockies with me. one will ever know I have a cat because they're so quiet. I'd like you all to meet Cosmo, the world's LOUDEST cat.

Having never had cats before, I remember thinking off on on for the first solid six months of his life: "I wonder when kittens start to walk without falling over every few steps?"  I just assumed that since he was a bit young when I got him, he missed the lesson when his mom taught him to walk in a straight line.  Nope.  Turns out he is just utterly, completely, and insanely, uncoordinated.  To this day he has a swagger in his step that can get a little out of control if he's had some catnip or Feline Greenies.

But my favourite story of little Cos has got to be from two years ago.  I was lying sick on the living room couch, and Dan was rushing around trying to get ready for a work meeting.  Right before leaving, Dan came and perched on the edge of the couch to give me a kiss goodbye and ask if I needed anything.  Right then, Cosmo jumped up onto the couch and made his way over to Dan; he hopped onto Dan's lap and then promptly SPEWED HIS DINNER all over Dan.  When he'd emptied his stomach (which only took five seconds, max) Cosmo hopped down and swaggered over to his water bowl to freshen up.

Dan and I stared at each other for a second, while trying to process what the hell just happened. Then I burst into laughter as Dan held his hands suspended in the air like a marionette doll and said, "Did that little shit only jump on the couch to barf on me? Why didn't he puke on you!"

Meanwhile Cosmo hopped back up on the couch with me, and snuggled in for a night of watching trashy reality t.v.

Just think, if that's my favourite Cosmo story (arguably, it's not Dan's) can you even imagine my least favourite Cosmo story?  Because let me assure you, it is a story of frustration and the story seems to cover a period of three years.  That's how long it took me to realize I did not adopt a cat--I adopted a fire that yearns to be wild.

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Ais said...

Awwwww, little Coz. He actually looks sweet in this picture! So deceiving haha.