Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cast of Characters: Part Vier

Aren't you glad I don't have anymore cats? Or a dog (though I really want one!), or a snake, or a parrot, or a skunk, or any other pet that would need a lengthy introduction?  Basically, without further ado, the final character requiring introduction is moi.

Just casually hanging out in a field of flowers.  Who doesn't?

The Bio:  What do you want to know about me?  Do you care that I was born in the year of the Rooster?  That I am a Leo?  That for two summers I worked on a ranch helping manage rodeo livestock, while living in fear of garden snakes and dead mice in irrigation pipes? How about this: as a child I suffered from a tragic mushroom hair cut--you all know what I'm talking about: floppy on top and shaved close to the neck in the back.  Basically, it's not a flattering look. On anyone. Particularly a 12 year old girl with "chipmunk cheeks". I showed up to grade 7, after Spring Break, sporting this follicle masterpiece and wearing a new pair of round (very, very round) purple glasses. So sad.  The only thing missing was a giant bulls eye pasted onto the back of my hyper-colour shirt. 

After I graduated high school (by this time the mushroom cut had long grown out, just FYI), I enrolled in university for my Bachelor of Arts degree.  During university I met The Swiss, and stupidly asked him if that funny lilt to his voice was a speech impediment. And the award for the Biggest Lack of Tact goes to me. An accent? An accent!  Oh my god.  I will never see this guy again.  I'm such an idiot!   Luckily he found my worldly ignorance charming, and we got along like nachos and cheese. Six years later we were married, and five months into the marriage we started planning the big Swiss move. 

The only other thing you need to know about me is I live in fear of one day going to the hairdresser, and having her cut my hair too short. Like grade 7 too short.  So I probably only visit the hairdresser twice a year. 


deb said...

Your haircut wasn't that bad :-)

Daniel said...

I saw one picture...just a teenie-weenie-innocent-one picture...and yes it was that bad actually