Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cast of Characters: Part Eins

So, in the off chance that a non-family member should read this blog, I suppose a few introductions are in order.

Over the next couple of days I'll introduce the folks that will be making an appearance.

The first headliner is...THE SWISS.

The Swiss aka Dan

The Bio:  The Swiss was (obviously) born in Switzerland, where he spent sixteen idyllic years being the indulged oldest son who excelled at soccer, track, badminton (apparently it IS a sport and you shouldn't say any different), downhill skiing, and mental arithmetic.  While there he learned to appreciate fine chocolate, extreme punctuality, and breakfasts that consist only of meat, bread, and yogurt.

He moved with his family to small town British Columbia, where he watched Independence Day repeatedly in an effort to learn English.  After high school graduation he moved away to attend university, where he met moi.

An irritating thing to note about The Swiss is that he is extremely photogenic--he even looks good in the grainy picture on the back his Costco card!--but he does not suit a hat.  Go figure.

To sum it up, he's all that and a bag of chips.

Stay tuned folks, because the next headline attraction is Cosmo the Curious.  One of the star performers in this three ring circus.


Ais said...

Lol, the swiss! Good 'ol Dan eh? Tell him that badminton is NOT a sport! I want to see what will happen......

Daniel said...

Just for that AIS, Megan is now my favourite Sister-in-law.

Ais said...

Fine! But I'm sticking to my comment about badminton not being a real sport! Basically, you slap around a foam ball with a plastic basket attached to it. It is fun though, I'll give it that much